Labour Day 2020: Why Labor Day is celebrated on May 1, read 5 special things


Labour Day 2020: Why Labor Day is celebrated on May 1, read 5 special things

On May 1, International Labor Day 2020 or May Day 2020 is celebrated in many countries of the world. These days are also called Labor Day, May Day, Labor Day and Labor Day. This day is completely dedicated to the workers. On this day, the achievements of workers in many countries including India and their contribution to the development of the country are saluted.

This day is celebrated in honor of the workers, in support of their unity and their rights. This day is a holiday in many countries of the world. On this occasion, people associated with trade unions organize rallies and meetings and also raise their voice for their rights, however this time due to lockdown, such events will not be held.

Learn here 5 special things related to Labor Day or May Day –

1. How and why it started

International Labor Day began on May 1, 1886 with a movement in America. During this movement, laborers in America went on the agitation to set an 8-hour time to work. On the day of May 1, 1886, laborers took to the streets throughout America against the work and exploitation of 15 hours daily. During this time, some workers were fired upon by the police, in which many workers were killed and more than 100 people were injured. After this, in the second meeting of the International Socialist Conference in 1889, a resolution was passed in which it was announced that May 1 would be celebrated as International Labor Day and this day would be a holiday for all workers and workers. With this, the foundation to set 8 hours for work in all countries of the world including India was laid.

2. Beginning of Labor Day in India

Labor Day in India began in Chennai on 1 May 1923. The Labor Farmers Party of Hindustan in India started it in Madras on 1 May 1923. This was the occasion when the red color flag was first used as a symbol of Labor Day. This was the beginning of the labor movement in India, led by leftist and socialist parties. The workers were organized all over the world and were raising their voice against the atrocities and exploitation happening with them.

3. On this day, the indefinite work hours of the world’s laborers were converted into 8 hours. The working class organizes large rallies and programs on this day. The conference is organized on this day by the International Workers Organization (ILO). Declarations of welfare schemes for workers are made in many countries. Programs for Mazdoor Jagriti are broadcast by broadcasting mediums like TV, newspaper, and radio.

4. Labor Day in India is also known as International Workers ‘Day, May Day, Workers’ Day, International Worker’s Day, Worker’s Day.

5. On 1 May, Foundation Day of Maharashtra and Gujarat is also celebrated. Both these states were part of the Bombay State at the time of India’s independence. In Maharashtra, this day is known as Maharashtra Day, while in Gujarat it is also known as Gujarat Day.

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