Guru Ravidas: Protests across Punjab against the demolition of Ravidas temple in Delhi, NH-1 jammed


Guru Ravidas: Protests across Punjab against the demolition of Ravidas temple in Delhi, NH-1 jammed: There was a wave of anger in Punjab against the Supreme Court’s decision to demolish the Guru Ravidas temple in Delhi. Angry people have disrupted traffic at various places. The biggest jam occurred at Jalandhar’s tall Pind Chowk on Delhi-Amritsar National Highway-1.

Though people got relief from here after much effort, reports of road jams are coming from various areas of Punjab including in Phagwara. In view of security arrangements, paramilitary force and police have been deployed at Ravidas Chowk in Jalandhar.

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In Jalandhar, people of the Ravidasia community first sat in the middle of the road on the Wadala Chowk, then Camp Adda, Jalandhar Amritsar Highway, Jalandhar Ludhiana Highway in Jalandhar. Jalandhar’s DCP Gurmeet Singh deployed a large amount of police force after getting information about the demonstration.

In Jalandhar’s Urban Estate, people demonstrated by burning tires. In view of the security arrangements at Ravidas Chowk, paramilitary force and police have been deployed. At the same time, people are protesting at Ramamandi and Sri Guru Ravidas Chowk in the city. In the countryside, the community members of Kala Sangha and Goraya are protesting on the streets.

Jalandhar West light MLA Sushil Rinku, who is sitting on a dharna at Sri Guru Ravidas Chowk, has said that the Kejriwal government of Delhi has shown its disgusting mentality by demolishing the temple. Whatever work the Delhi Government has done at the historic pilgrimage site, it is less to be condemned. Such work will not be tolerated at all.

At the same time, Balvinder Kumar Rahul, the youth leader of the Ravidasia community, said that the order has been given by the Delhi Supreme Court to dismantle the Ravidas temple located in Delhi and the process of breaking the temple has already started, due to which there is a lot of anger in the community. This is a conspiracy.

In this episode, people in Phagwara, Amritsar, Hoshiarpur and other cities started blocking roads by demonstrating fury. Police administration is trying to convince people. Till the time the news is written, protest demonstrations at different places across the state have gained momentum.


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