Whatsapp New Update: These three new features of WhatsApp that will be beneficial for you


Whatsapp New Update: These three new features of WhatsApp that will be beneficial for you: Instant messaging app WhatsApp has launched many features in recent times that will be beneficial for users. There are some features in it that will work to avoid fake news and stop rumors. There are some features that will make it easier to use Whatsapp. These are features for which updates have been released, but users are given in phases. That is, if you have not received any of these features, then you will get soon.

WhatsApp For Forwarded

Under this new feature, people will now be able to know that the message is being forwarded continuously. The label was started on the forward message in WhatsApp much earlier. So far, the single arrow appears. Now if a user gets forwarded messages more than five times, then the icon of the double arrow will be seen here. These features will be available to Android and iPhone users.

There will be no mistake in sending photos

Under this feature of WhatsApp, while sending photos on WhatsApp, the user will be able to see who they are sending photos to. Earlier it was not like this, especially the users had a lot of trouble when sending photos to any users who do not have profile photos. Now in the bottom right you will see the name of the contact you are sending the photo to.

Hide Muted Status

Under Android update 2.18.183, users will also be given the option to hide muted updates. Earlier, muted status was at the bottom of the status list of users. Now they will not be visible. Although you will still get the option to see it, but for this you will have to open the Hyde section. This will prove beneficial for the users.

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