Alicia Rancier Recovered and Gained 25 Pounds of Muscle after Sick: Check How


Alicia Rancier image

At the point when Alicia Rancier, 30, (@alicewolves on Instagram) left to school, she tumbled off her solid propensities. Already a competitor, she exchanged her weightlifting sessions for study sessions and went to cheap food for every one of her suppers. In addition to the fact that this caused her weight gain, yet her wellbeing got ugly.

After being diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Alicia’s weight dropped significantly, and not in a healthy way. Determined to get her health back on track, she started weightlifting and slowly but surely built 25 pounds of muscle. Now, Alicia is a certified personal trainer who is using her experience to help others. Read her inspiring story.


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