Be Sure To Keep These Architectural Tips On 2019 Karvachauth… : The festival of Karvachauth is celebrated every year. On this day, fast is observed by women all over the country. In such a situation, Karvachauth is on tomorrow i.e. 17 October. At the same time, every woman observes this fast with full reverence and sentiment and wishes for the long life of her husband. In such a situation, it is important for everyone to know some things and directions of Vastu on this day, so let us tell you today some of the vaastups associated with Karvachauth.

Vastu Tips – It is said that on the day of Karvachauth, this fast should be started only after eating a sargi and whenever you sit to eat a sargi, keep your mouth towards the southeast direction. It is said that the flow of positive energy in this direction is very fast in the morning, in which time the time spent with your family sitting here can prove to be very beneficial for you.

# It is said that in worshiping Karva on this day, it is better to use only the right hand while moving the plate while worshiping, and if you want to use the left hand, then only to support the palm of the right hand, because at the time of worship Use of left hand is considered inauspicious.

# It is said that for the worship of Karvachauth use only the temple built in the house and refrain from talking here and there during the worship. During this time, focus as much as you can on your mind and also pray for your husband’s long life and good health. Be Sure To Keep These Architectural Tips On Karvachauth…

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