Ganesh chaturthi 2019 date significance and pujan vidhi


Ganesh chaturthi 2019 date significance and pujan vidhi: The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is mainly celebrated on Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturthi. It is believed that on this day Ganesh ji appeared. It is also believed that on this day Lord Ganesha comes to earth and fulfills the wishes of his devotees. According to religious beliefs, the period of worship of Ganesh Chaturthi, in which Ganesh ji resides on earth, lasts till Anant Chaturdashi. This time this festival is starting from 2 September and will be till 12 September.

What is the significance of different idols of Lord Ganesha? What kind of idol to install?

  • Different idols of Ganesha give different results.
  • Worshiping the idol of the most yellow and blood color is auspicious
  • Blue colored Ganesh ji is called “Pickled Ganpati”. They are worshiped only in special conditions.
  • The idol made of turmeric or coated with turmeric is called “Haridra Ganapati”. It is considered auspicious for some special wishes.
  • Ekadanta Ganapati is of Shyamvarna. By worshiping them, you get amazing power.
  • White colored Ganpati is called minus redemption Ganpati. Their worship gives freedom from debts.
  • Ganapati of the four-letter blood-vessel is called “Sanktharana Ganapati”. Their worship causes destruction of crises.
  • Trinatradhari, Raktavarna and ten-armed Ganesha are called “Mahaganapati”. All Ganapati are contained inside them.
  • Generally yellow or blood color statue whose size is medium should be installed in the house.

How to worship Ganesha

  • Establish a statue of Ganesha in the afternoon. Also install the urn.
  • Establish the idol by laying a yellow cloth on a wooden post.
  • Take aquatic food throughout the day or do only fruit.
  • In the evening, worship Ganesh ji as Shakti. Light a lamp of ghee.
  • Offer as many laddus as you are old. Also offer coach.
  • Chant Ganesh ji’s mantras according to your wish.
  • Offer the moon with low vision, otherwise you may get inadequate.
  • If Chandra Darshan has been done, cure his defect.
  • distribute prasad and donate food-cloth.

What should we offer in the worship of Ganesha?

  • Offer Dob and Modak to Ganesh ji.
  • It will be auspicious to offer yellow clothes and vermilion.
  • Offer a garland of yellow flowers or fruits to Ganesha.
  • As long as Ganesh ji is worshiped, the lamp of unbroken ghee will continue to burn.

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