Gotmar fair in pandhurna people started collecting stones: The Goatmar fair will be held on August 31, as part of a centuries-old tradition at the confluence of Pandhurna and Savargaon on the Jam River flowing from the middle of Pandhurna. According to tradition, people will throw stones at each other while playing Gotmar here. The Gotmar fair on the second day of the Pola festival, even though people will be bled and streams of blood will flow from the body, but forgetting the pain of the body, the tradition of playing Gotmar with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm will be played. Thousands of devotees will visit the temple of the fair’s adorable mother Chandika during the Gotmar fair and will offer prayers and darshan to the forehead of the mother. The players who play Gotmar will arrive at the fair only after seeing Maa Chandika.

Legends related to the fair

Legends and stories are behind the tradition of the world famous Gotmar fair. For many years, the tradition of the fair has been played by burying the flag-shaped Palash tree in the middle of the Jam river and playing a stone game.

Story of loveyougal

According to the prevailing legend, there was an affair between the youth of Pandhurna and the girl from Savargaon. The beloved young man reached Savargaon and tried to drive the young woman to Pandhurna. But as soon as both of them reached the middle of the river, the news spread in Savargaon. To prevent Preyugal, the people of Savargaon showered stones, while the people of Pandhurna also defended them by throwing stones. Preyugal died in stone-pelting, but since then the tradition of the Gotamar fair has started, according to legend.

Story of war

The story is prevalent that Bhonsala Raja’s army troops resided in the Pandhurna-Savargaon area on the banks of the river Jam. For the daily exercises, troops of troops used to put stones in the middle of the river and fight against stone-pelting. Military maneuvers continued for a long time to make the troops efficient in shooting and stone-pelting, which gradually took the form of a tradition. The story is linked to the Gotmar Mela event and the tradition is played every year.

Many families lost their loved ones

Even though the Gotmar fair is celebrated according to centuries-old tradition, the gum of families who lost their loved ones also emerges every year during the fair. As the fair approaches, many years old wounds of the area become green because these families have lost their loved ones in Gotmar Khel. During Gotmar, so far someone’s husband, someone’s son, someone’s father and brother have lost their lives. At the same time, the injuries of many players on the body become green on the day of Gotmar.

Administration efforts failed

The tradition of Gotmar has been going on for centuries. The administration made all efforts to stop the tradition of bloodshed by throwing stones at each other, but all attempts were unsuccessful. One year there was an attempt to stop the rain from playing with rubber balls, but within a few minutes the rubber balls were ciphered and the players played the game with stones. Every effort has been made to stop Gotmar every time for the last five-six years. The Human Rights Commission also objected to this, after which the administration remained vigilant to prevent fair stone-pelting, but the tradition of playing Gotmar did not stop.

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