Janmashtami 2019 Shri Krishna 5 Enemies, Date, Time, Puja: Krishna Janmashtami (Krishna Janmashtami 2019) is falling two days this time. According to the Hindu Panchang, Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on the eighth day i.e. the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month.

According to the Gregorian calendar, Krishna Janmashtami falls every year in the month of August or September. Janmashtami will be celebrated on 23 August according to the date. At the same time, people who give priority to Rohini Nakshatra can celebrate Janmashtami on August 24. On this occasion, we will tell you who are those who are enemies of Lord Krishna.

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Lord Krishna killed many demons like Tadka, Putana, Shaktasura, Kalia and Narakasura. Krishna had no enmity with these asuras, but his enemies sent him. At the same time, there were some people who had direct enmity with Krishna. Sri Krishna’s maternal uncle Kans was also included in these enemies. Here we are telling about the five big enemies of AAPMO Sri Krishna:
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Kansha Mama

Lord Krishna’s maternal uncle was Kansa. Kansa was very affectionate with his sister Devaki, but one day the Akashvani heard – ‘The eighth child of that Devaki whom you want will kill you.’ After which Kans killed 7 sons of Devaki one after the birth. As soon as Krishna was born, all the sentries fell asleep due to the influence of Maya and the doors of the jail opened automatically. Vasudev reached Nanda’s house with the child Krishna from Mathura jail. Later Kansa did many tricks. Sent many asuras but all were killed. After this Kansa held a ceremony where Krishna and Balarama were called. There, Krishna grabbed Kansa by his hair and dragged him from the throne to the ground and slaughtered him thereafter.


Jansandh was the father-in-law of Kansa. After the killing of Kansa, if anyone was disturbed by Lord Krishna, it was Jarasandha. He was the son of a king named Brihadratha. Shri Krishna planned to kill Jarasandha. As per the plan, Lord Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna reached near Jarasandha under the guise of Brahmin and challenged him to wrestle. But Jarasandha understood that he is not a Brahmin. Then Shri Krishna gave his real introduction. After some thinking, in the end, Jarasandha decided to fight Bhima with wrestling.

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The battle of King Jarasandha and Bhima in the arena continued for 13 days from Kartik Krishna Pratipada. On the 14th day, Shri Krishna broke a straw from the middle and threw both its parts in the opposite direction. Bhima understood this gesture of Shri Krishna and he did it there. He split Jarasandha and threw one tear of it towards the second tear and the other tear in the direction of the first tear. In this way, Jarasandha came to an end, because the two pieces could not join due to being thrown in the opposite direction.


Once Kalayavan’s army surrounded Mathura, Sane sent a message to the king of Mathura and gave Kalayavan a day’s time to fight. Sri Krishna sent reply that the war should only be in Krishna and Kalayavan. Kalayavan accepted. Balarama forbade him to fight Kalayavan. After which Krishna told Kalayavan about the boon given by Shiva. Told that no one can beat him. If anyone can kill, then he is King Muchukund. As soon as the war started, Krishna ran towards the cave and Kalayavan left behind. Shri Krishna hid and saw a person sleeping on Kalayavan, he thought it was Krishna. He kicked the person vigorously. As soon as the person got up and saw Kalayavan’s body caught fire and he died.


Shishupala was hated by Shri Krishna for 3 births. All the kings were called in one yajna. This Yajna was kept by Shri Krishna and the Pandavas. During the yagna, Shishupala humiliated Sri Krishna and started abusing him. Pandavas got angry after hearing this and stood up to kill him. Krishna pacified them and asked them to perform the yagna. Even after this, Shishupala did not stop and started abusing. For a long time, then Shri Krishna roared and said, ‘Just Shishupala! I had pledged to forgive you a hundred abusive words, that’s why your life remains till now. A hundred have been completed so far. Sit calm, it is for your good. is.’ After which, as soon as Shishupala abused, Shri Krishna started his Sudarshan Chakra and in a blink of an eye, Shishupala’s head fell off.


King Poundrak used to call himself Krishna by wearing a fake circle, conch, sword, peacock crown, Kaustubh Mani, yellow clothes. For a long time, Shri Krishna kept ignoring his words and antics, later all these things were not tolerated. He sent a response, ‘By destroying you completely, I will remove all your pride soon.’ War took place, in which Poundrak wore conch, chakra, mace, bow, vanmala, silky pitambar, northern clothes, valuable jewelery etc. and it was mounted on Garuda. Seeing this ‘fake Krishna’ who entered the battlefield in a dramatic manner, Lord Krishna was extremely laughed. After this, there was war and after killing Poundrak, Shri Krishna went back to Dwarka.

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