Rakhi Special: PM Modi pakistan sister kamar jahan reached delhi to tie rakhi


Rakhi Special: PM Modi pakistan sister kamar jahan reached delhi to tie rakhi: The sister is on Raksha Bandhan, she ties a rakhi on her wrist to protect her brother. One such sister is Qamar Jahan who has arrived in Delhi from Ahmedabad to tie a rakhi to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The funny thing is that she has been tying a rakhi to her brother (Modi) for the last 24 years.

Rakhi to Modi has been tied for 24 years

Kamar Jahan, who came to Ahmedabad from Karachi many years ago, told that for the last 24 years she is tying a rakhi to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Talking about her siblings’ relationship with PM Modi, she said that since Modi was a worker, she is tying a rakhi on her hand.

Qamar Jahan told that PM Modi believed in working for the people from the beginning and the result of his hard work, honesty and dedication is that he is the Prime Minister of India today. There can be no greater happiness that a Prime Minister is my brother. It is indeed a matter of pride for me that I am the sister of PM Modi.

May Bhai Modi get Nobel Prize

PM’s mouth sister Kamar Jahan told that he used to pray for Vishnu that when he became CM, when he became CM, he used to pray that he became PM and now that he has become PM, pray that he gets Nobel Prize . He has prayed every time that his brother gets more success.

Celebrating Independence and Defense together – She said that this time, two big festivals of Independence Day and Rakshabandhan are going on one day, she will go to tie Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 15. Along with this, listen to your brother’s speech on the occasion of Jashn e independence.

Surprise gift to brother Modi on Rakhi

Qamar Jahan told that PM Modi loves him very much and takes care of him for everything. She has also brought a surprise gift for her brother on the occasion of Rakhi.
He said that just as a sister is happy to meet her brother, she is happy to meet her brother Modi and it is a matter of pride for her that she is the sister of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Brother gave many gifts to the country by becoming PM

He said that his brother PM Modi has taken big decisions for the benefit of the country. The Muslim sisters have given a big gift by bringing a bill on triple talaq before Rakshabandhan, so by removing Sections 370 and 35A from Kashmir, they have truly given freedom to the people of Kashmir. Jahan said that the benefit of the withdrawal of Section 370 and 35A from Kashmir will tell the time to come.

Am lucky to be in India

Qamar Jahan said that she had come to India with her mother from Karachi to meet her relatives and had been living here since then. There was Hindustan in my luck. I consider myself lucky that I am not in Pakistan but in India and I am very happy to come here. There is no shortage of anything and I thank the above person that siblings got everyone’s love here.

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