Singh Sankranti 2019: Ghee is consumed and donated on this day to stay long and healthy


Singh Sankranti 2019: Ghee is consumed and donated on this day to stay long and healthy: Bhadrapada is the sixth month of the Hindu calendar. Many Teej and festivals are celebrated in this month. In this, Surya Sankranti is also considered an important festival. Every month when the Sun enters from one zodiac to another, Sankranti comes and there are 12 Sankranti in a year. Singh Sankranti is also one of these. It is also called Singh Sankraman. Everyone celebrates this day as a big festival. Lord Vishnu, Sun God and Lord Narasimha are worshiped on this day. On this day, the devotees take a holy bath. The gods are then anointed with Ganges water, coconut water and milk.

When is Singh Sankranti

When the Sun enters the Leo sign from Cancer, Surya Sankranti festival is celebrated on that day. The position of Sun moving from one zodiac sign to another is called Sankranti. Leo Sankranti means on this day the sun god comes out of the Moon’s zodiac sign and enters his own zodiac sign. According to the Hindu calendar, the sun enters its own zodiac during the month of Bhado. Surya Sankranti is falling on 17 August this year.

Importance of Singh Sankranti

On Leo solstice, the sun enters its zodiac sign. Due to which the sun turns red. This effect is further increased by being sick. According to astrology, the Sun is the atomic planet. Due to increasing effect of sun, diseases start to disappear and confidence starts increasing. The worship of the Sun in the Leo sign is considered to be particularly fruitful. Water should be offered to the sun daily during this time of about 1 month. Along with pooja on Surya Sankranti, cow’s ghee should also be eaten. According to Charak Samhita, cow’s ghee is considered pure and pure. It is said that consuming ghee on Leo solstice increases memory, intelligence, strength, energy and oz. Apart from this, eating cow’s ghee keeps away vata, phlegm and bile defects and removes toxins from the body. At this time eating cow’s ghee also increases immunity.

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