Vishwakarma Puja 2019: Auspicious time and method of worship, know what things are made

Vishwakarma Puja 2019: Why Vishwakarma Puja takes place on September 17, know his birth story: According to Hinduism, Lord Vishwakarma is considered the architect of the universe. He is worshiped as the god of creation and creation. It is said in the scriptures that Lord Vishwakarma had built Indrapuri, Dwarka, Hastinapur, Swarga Loka and Lanka according to the instructions of Brahma. It is believed that Lord Vishwakarma had built all the capitals in ancient times. Lord Vishwakarma is considered the god of weapons and weapons of the Gods and Goddesses. Vishwakarma Puja is done in a very special form in India. He is worshiped on September 17 every year.

Why worship is done on 17 September

There are many beliefs in Hinduism about Vishwakarma Puja. According to some religious scholars, Lord Vishwakarma was born on the Pratipada date of Ashwin Krishnapaksa while some believe that worshiping Vishwakarma on the last date of Bhadrapada is auspicious. This is the reason that Vishwakarma Puja is decided on the basis of transit of the Sun. For this reason, Vishwakarma Puja is celebrated on September 17 every year.

Vishwakarma’s birth story

According to a legend, Lord Vishnu appeared in the ocean at the beginning of the creation of the world. Lord Brahma was visible from the navel-lotus of Vishnu. Brahma’s son, Dharma, was married to the object. Dharma had seven sons, of whom the seventh son was named Vastu, who was full of the art of craftsmanship. After the marriage of Vastu, they had a son named Vishwakarma, who became a unique master of architecture.

Ravan’s city was also built

Lord Shiva considered building a palace for Maa Parvati. Lord Shiva gave the responsibility to Vishwakarma. Lord Vishwakarma made a palace of gold for him. Lord Shiva called Ravana to worship this palace, but seeing Ravana’s palace, he was so enchanted that after worship he sought the palace from Lord Shiva as Dakshina. Lord Shiva handed over the palace to Ravana and returned to Kailash.

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