Happy Dhanteras GIF messages wishes 2019: WhatsApp messages, Quotes, Dhanteras HD Image, greetings, SMS, Dhanteras Facebook posts: Happy Dhanteras GIF messages wishes 2019: The festival of Dhanteras is very important in Hinduism. It is celebrated every year on the day of Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month and two days before Deepawali. This time in the year 2019, Dhanteras is on 25 October. Buying metals on Dhanteras is considered auspicious.

The festival of Dhanteras in the year 2019 is very special in itself. On this Dhanteras, Lagnadi, Chandra Mangal, everlasting communication and Ashtalakshmi are auspicious coincidence, so two days shopping is going to be auspicious. On this Dhanteras you can also give good wishes to your friends through WhatsApp messages, Quotes, Dhanteras HD images, Greetings, SMS, Dhanteras Facebook posts.

Shopping of some items is considered auspicious on the day of Dhanteras. According to Hindu religious texts, Lord Dhanwantari was born on the day of Dhanteras during Samudhan Maandhan with utensils in his hand, therefore buying utensils is considered auspicious. On this day, in addition to the worship of Ganesh Lakshmi, Dhanvantari is also worshiped.

Happy Dhanteras 2019: WhatsApp messages, Quotes, Status

1. God’s blessing may come as a surprise
And how much you receive Depends on how much your Heart can beleive.
May U be blessed beyond What U expect..
“Subh Dhanteras”

2. May this Dhanteras Celebrations endow
you with opulence and prosperity…
Happiness comes at your steps Wishing many bright future in your life.
Shubh Dhanteras

3. May goddess Laxmi bless your business
To do well in spite of all odds like,
The enduring charms of gold and diamonds.
Happy & Prosperous Dhanteras

4. May you also draw small footprints
With rice flour and vermilion powder
All over the house and keep the lamps
Burning all through the night,
To indicate Her long-awaited arrival..!
Wish You Happy Dhanteras to You & Your Family.

5. Dhanteras Aavi,
Masti Lavi,
Rangoli Banavo,
Diva Pragtavo, D
hoom Dhadaka Phodo Fatakda.
*Happy Dhanteras 2019 to you and your family 2019*

6. Dear Goddess Lakshmi and Dear Dhan Kuber Maharaj Please Bless the Recipient of this Message with Good Health, Good Wealth and Good Fortune on the divine occasion of Dhanatrayodasi. Shubh Dhan Teras 2019!

7. Phool Ni Sharuvat Kali Thi Thay che,
Zindgi Ni Sharuvat Pyaar Thi Thay che,
Pyaar Ni Sharuvat Potanao Thi Thay che,
Ane Tyohvar Ni Sharuvat Tamara Thi Thay che.
“Happy Dhanteras 2019”

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