Why Celebrate Bhai Dooj? What is the story behind Bhai Dooj?: Bhai Dooj is a festival of reverence and trust of sisters towards brothers. This festival is celebrated every year on the second day of the bright fortnight of Kartik month. But very few people know about the reason for celebrating it. This festival, symbolizing the affection of brother and sister, is celebrated two days after Deepawali. It is also called Yama Dwitiya.

For this reason, Yama Dev is worshiped on this festival. According to the belief, one who worships Yama Dev does not have the fear of premature death. Like other festivals of Hindus, this festival is also associated with traditions. On this day, the sisters wish their brother a long life by applying tilak and giving him a gift.

In return, the brother promises to protect his sister. Eating a brother’s house at his sister’s day is particularly auspicious. In Mithila city, this festival is still known as Yamdwatiya. On this day, rice is applied after grinding and a paste is applied in both hands of brothers. Also, in some places the tradition of putting vermilion in the hands of brother is also seen.

Without these things, the plate of incomplete Bhai Dooj-

After applying vermilion and rice paste in brother’s hands, five betel leaves, betel nut and silver coin are placed on it. A mantra is chanted for the brother’s longevity by pouring water over him. Brothers give gifts to their sister. It is important to have vermilion, flowers, rice grains, paan, suppani, coconut, flower garland and sweets in the sister’s plate while taking the aarti of brother.

Why Celebrate Bhai Dooj?

According to a mythological belief about Bhai Dooj, Yamuna had fasted for the long life of his brother Yamraj on this day and fed him a meal of Annakoot. According to the legend, the god Yama had seen his sister on this day. Yam’s sister Yamuna was very distraught to meet her sister. Yamuna was very happy to see her brother. Yamuna was happy and paid a lot of respect to her brother.

Yama pleased and gave him a boon that on this day, if both brothers and sisters take a bath together in the river Yamuna, they will get liberation. For this reason, bathing in this Yamuna river with brother and sister is of great importance. Apart from this, Yama took a promise from Yamuna that on this day every brother should go to his sister’s house. Since then, the practice of celebrating Bhai Dooj has been going on.

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