Download PubG Mobile Lite: PubG Mobile Lite Launch in India, How Download PubG Mobile Lite, Feature, Specification


Download PubG Mobile Lite: PubG Mobile Lite Launch in India, How Download PubG Mobile Lite: Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) will now be more popular in India than ever before. To play this game till now, a smartphone with a good specification was needed. But now the company has launched PUBG Mobile Lite in India. It is specially designed for smartphones that have less than 2GB RAM.

This is the most popular game on the Google Play Store and in India there is a continuation of conflict from time to time. It was banned in some places, many skirmishes and many such incidents that caused people to question it.

In a statement, the company said, “More than half of the users in India use entry level smartphones, Lite version games have been designed in the same way. Rewards will also be given to new joining players who will be new gears and vehicles.

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However, this game is still quite popular in tier II cities of India. But the parent company of Pabiji Corporation Tencent is now targeting users of every category of India. Now after the launch of PUBG Lite, first-time smartphone users, who buy from the entry level to the budget segment of the smartphone, will also be able to install it in their mobile.

What are the major changes in PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite version app installer is just 400MB and it is designed for low-RAM smartphones. The total size of the game will be 491MB. The pattern of this multi-player game is the same, the methods are the same, but some changes have been made. Like this version, there will be 60 Players instead of 100. A game version of the standard version of this game is usually 20 to 25 minutes, but it will be 10 minutes.

If you talk about some other features offered in PUBG Lite, this game has also been given features like Enhanced Aim Assist, Winner Pass, Weapon Recoil Suppression, Location Display, Extended Time To Kill and Healing While Moving.

That is, it has been made easier with full version PUBG, so that entry level is not difficult for smartphone users and the missions are easily complicated. For example, in this version players can also heal themselves while moving, that is not found in full version.

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