Call of Duty: Mobile game will be launched on October 1 to compete with PUBG Mobile: For a long time, gamers, including India, have been waiting for the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile game. The game has been running on the Beta version for quite some time. The selected players who have got a chance to play the beta version of this game have praised the game. There is no doubt that Call of Duty: Mobile will compete with PUBG Mobile after the launch. The game has been launched in Canada and Australia and is also available to play there. Now the developers have announced that Call of Duty: Mobile will be launched globally on 1 October. The game will be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Call of duty: mobile game launch details

According to some previous reports, the game will be released in India in November this year, but now with the announcement of the company, it seems that the game will be released in India before November. Till now the game was being tested in beta phase, but on October 1, the company will release its tested and final version.

In addition to the multiplayer game mode, the game also has Battle Royal mode like PUBG and Fortnite. It will be the mobile version of the upcoming mobile game Popular Call of Duty: Blackout mode, in which 100 players will play simultaneously and the winner will be the end-all. It will have gun fights like PUBG Mobile and will be able to drive vehicles….

Call of Duty Mobile Trailer

Apart from this, just like PUBG Mobile, players will be able to play games in solo, duo and team of four players. It will also include many different playing modes and as we have seen in the Beta version that players can also fly helicopters. Apart from this, it will also include Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and Free-For-All game modes.

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