Pokemon Masters: available for Android, iOS users, How to Download Pokemon Masters


Pokemon Masters: available for Android, iOS users, How to Download Pokemon Masters: Pokemon Go mobile game maker company The Pokemon Company has made the next version of its iconic game available to Play Store. The game has been rolled out for both Android and iOS users. It is designed in collaboration with The Pokemon Company and DeNA. Users can pre-order this game for both platforms. Pokemon Masters can see many changes compared to Pokemon Go. From its story line, changes can also be seen in New Generation graphics, game-play mechanics and technology.

How to download Pokemon Masters?

It’s can be downloaded by Android users from the Google Play Store while iOS users can download it from the Apple App Store. The game is available for free download on both platforms.

What’s the Game play of Pokemon Masters

Talking about the game-play of Pokemon Masters, you get a customary message as soon as you install the game and enter the game, through which you can set the game’s premise. As soon as you choose your name, etc., you have X Gym trainers Brock and Misty Mitte who will be your partners on the island of Pesio. Pesio Island is a man-made island where the tournament takes place.

In this game a team of three people is formed who play matches with each other. As soon as you have your synced pair, you can choose the Pokemon of your choice. After that you can start your Pokemon Masters journey. After this you can team up with other trainers and play the Three-on-Three AI Trainer Battle. In this ga,e you get a variety of straight forward battling techniques, along with its graphics will be much better. It has been downloaded by millions of users so far.

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