PUBG addiction is dangerous, you may be victims of these diseases!


PUBG addiction is dangerous, you may be victims of these diseases!

PUBG addiction is dangerous, you may be victims of these diseases: PUBG, has become the world’s most popular online multiplayer game and it is fast becoming popular among the youth. The craze of this online game among children and youth has increased so much that it is addictive to this game that its mental and physical development seems to be affected.

Today you will often see people playing in the Metro, bus train or shopping center on mobile. Let us tell you that many people have lost their lives in the wake of this mobile mobile game, while many people have made steals in their own homes because of their addiction. According to the news, a few days ago a young man in Thane, Maharashtra, just killed his elder brother because he had refused to play PB. More than 120 cases were reported in the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science NIMHANS, in which children’s mental health was seen to have the opposite effect of PUBG gaming. All these incidents have raised many questions on this game. Is PUBG really so dangerous?

Let’s know about the diseases caused by PUBG …

 Game addiction

First of all, people in this game addicted to their sweetheart. According to a report, the biggest reason for divorce in the UK is video games. Due to playing pajji games, people are busy getting busy all day and bypassing their other works. You also waste your time in the addiction of video games, and you get away from real life and the world in the wake of fake trials.

Excess anger

PUBG is a violent game in which players kills players on the other hand. The Chinese government has banned PB from the fear of becoming violent. Continuous play of this game can increase the violent tendency of humans. Because of this game people are being seen in anger, violent thinking and violent behavior. Violence is shown in the game and arms are used so that the irritability in children’s behavior is increasing.

Distance from real life

During this game the players of the game do chatting only among themselves. In this way you get separated from the world and society. Whenever you get the time, you play the game. You have no concern with society. You seem to like staying in the house. In such a way you can not meet the outsiders.

Poor physical health

Whether you are playing a game on the phone or on the computer, both of you have a bad effect on your eyes and the eyes may be bad. In this way, you may have a headache problem. Playing games continuously in the same place is not right for health at any cost. Apart from this, your back may also complain of pain.

Bad mental health

Playing PUBG games can also have a problem of irritability inside you and you can feel lonely. In the year 2018, the WHO described the addiction of video game for mental disorder. Due to video games, people are experiencing depression problem.

Sleep disorders

After the game starts, you do not go to sleep until the game is over and you do not get sleep even after looking for it on the screen for a long time. Due to lack of sleep, the risk of blood pressure and diabetes increases. Due to lack of adequate sleep, there is also the problem of acute shortness and poor memory.

Consistent decline in performance

Students are getting the worst impact on PUBG. You do not have enough time to be busy playing games continuously. In this case, you should think about it and stop playing playing games. Always remember this, this is just a video game and the world will not end in it.

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