PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 8 Available Now for Users: Check Important updates of Season 8

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 8 Available Now for Users: Check Important updates of Season 8: PUBG Mobile is getting new updates one by one. Today the game is going to get 0.13.5 updates. This update will add many new features to the game. Players with this update will also get Royale Pass 8. It has also become convinced that the player has started receiving this update. Before you get this update, know about Royale Pass 8, which is to be found in the latest version of the users.

Royale Pass 8 Details:

PUBG Mobile Players will get access to 3 types of PASES. The first of these three will be free pass. Using it, players will earn royalty points from missions, items and crates. This will increase their rank and they will be able to collect rewards. As the name suggests, the free pass will be available to all players.

The second offering will be Elite Passage in season 8. This PUBG Mobile players will have 600UC. After the purchase, the payers will get better rewards and the elite mission will be able to increase the player rank quickly. With this nearby use, the payers will get rewards of 2500UC immediately. In the end, Elite Pass Plus will be. It will be included in the Elite Pass. It will get 25 ranks with 40 percent off compared to Elite Pass. Players will get the Turan 9500UC rewards in it.

Royale Pass Missions for Rewards

Keep in mind that Royal Pass is the main tool for players to get rewards in the game. Players will have to complete the Royal Passes missions for rewards. At the same time, Elite Missions will have access to rapid ranks near Elite Pass Holders. With this, for the Royal Pass Cards giving points, they have to take part in weekly Challenges. Many times the players will also get points when the crates are opened. With this, additional free passes can also be participated in in-game events for the Royal Pass Points.

PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Update

PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 will have an 181MB size for Android and 158MB for iOS. New edition in the game will include SMG PP-19 Weapon, TPP mode for team dematamour mode, new rating protection cards, HDR mode frame rate option and new PMCO themed events.

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