August 20: Aries, Ank Rashifal Numerology in hindi aaj ka ank rashifal for 20 august 2019


Ank Rashifal Numerology in hindi aaj ka ank rashifal for 20 august 2019: According to the numerologist on Tuesday, August 20, today, an anti-rivalry is going on with the number 2 of the number 9 and the mutually strong anti-conflict with the number 1, 4 of the number 8. Due to which many people can get upset. According to the situation of the marks, today some people will not have good health and some people will have to be careful due to injury or accident.

According to Numerologist  today will be something like this for you.

Today’s issue
Radix: -2 Bhagyank: -4 Day-Digit: -9 Mass: -8 Running Points: -1, 4

Today’s special device
Opponent combination with number 2 of number 9 and mutually strong opponent with number 1, 4 of number 8.

Issue 1: – Boss behavior can cause problems. There may be a problem related to the bone of the foot. Do not express any reaction by being angry about anything.
What to do: – Special worship to fathers.
Good score: -4
Good color: – Blue

Issue 2: If the candidate (candidate) wants to get admission in a good institution / institution, then you can get success. If the interview is outstanding then it may be called. You can get special support from a female colleague.
What to do: Offer jaggery to Lord Ganesh.
Good score: -5
Good color: – Green

Issue 3: – Professionals of consultant may be more favorable. Almost everyone will agree with you. If you mediate in some work, you can be successful.
What to do: – Offer black rye in sesame oil to Lord Shani.
Good score: -8
Good color: -Black

Issue 4: If you take some special responsibility and head over yourself, then you will have to fulfill yourself, you will not be able to get the support of any person nearby. If you want to sell electronics items then there is a proper opportunity.
What to do: – Read ‘Aditya Hridayastotra’.
Good score: -1
Auspicious color: – Golden

Issue 5: – The drug vendors may have comparative problems. If the doctors are asking to have the operation done, then do not make any decision about it today, postpone it for further.
What to do: – Feed the dogs with jaggery nuggets in chickpea bread.
Auspicious number: -7
Auspicious color: -Amber

Issue 6: – There may be a situation of not being able to implement the planned plan in the same way. Muscle related health can be sad. Money matters can arise due to spending of money without deciding.
What to do: – Offer sweet drink to Lord Hanuman.
Auspicious number: -9
Good color: – Red

Issue 7: – In the case of Betty’s career, it can be a very good thing. Attracting dress designers with Pitridosh can be sad. Leg may have stretch problems.
What to do: – Eat dark juicy sweets and donate.
Good score: -6
Good color: – Creamy

Issue 8: Pay special attention to the health of the father. If you are doing business with your elder brother, then take care, do not let tension arise. Do not fight and fight for your share in the ancestral property.
What to do: – Offer peacock feathers to Lord Kartikeya.
Auspicious number: -2
Good color: – White

Issue 9: – Women politicians can be more friendly. Women engineers working in the corporate sector can benefit. Take special care regarding injury / accident.
What to do: – Add black sesame seeds to the Peepal tree and offer water.
Good score: -3
Good color: – yellow

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