Khudiram Boss had escaped on foot after the bombing on Kingsford Chaki had killed himself


Khudiram Boss had escaped on foot after the bombing on Kingsford Chaki had killed himself: Slim body, but strong. Prana is such that live for the country, die for the country…. Journey from Midnapore to Muzaffarpur in West Bengal. Bomb in pistol and tiffin in lunch box. Mission the same, taking revenge on the English judge Kingsford. Khudiram Bose, about 18 years old, had a similar personality.

The friend reached Muzaffarpur in 1908 with Prafulla Chaki. Stayed at Old Dharamshala near the station. Reiki lived there. Recalling these things, 99-year-old freedom fighter Ramsanjeevan Thakur says that there was a great spirit among the youth at that time. Drugs only, drive away the British and make the country independent. They say that the attack on Kingsford dates back to 30 April 1908.

On the same night, Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki Waini reached the present Pusa Road station after running a bomb on his cart the same night barefoot. Stayed there to drink water and tea. The news was coming on the radio, both started listening to the news. Information came that Kingsford survived. Suddenly he came out of his mouth, ‘Hey he survived’. After hearing this, the railway staff stationed there informed the police and Khudiram Bose was caught. Prafulla Chaki left from there and later shot himself after being surrounded by the British police.

Hanged on August 11

His case went on trial in Muzaffarpur. In quick action, the British government hanged Khudiram Bose on 11 August 1908 in Muzaffarpur jail. British Judge Kingsford, who survived the attack, also resigned from the job. He later died in ill condition due to fear of revolutionaries. Khudiram, the hanging man, was the youngest revolutionary in the country.

Hit from where the market is now

The place where Khudiram attacked the British judge is no longer in its original form. There was a peepal tree, hiding in its oath and hit the judge. Currently there is sale of vegetables and fruits. Opposite is the market, where tire repair work is done. Freedom fighters say that there was a big ground next to the old Dharamshala where Khudiram was staying. Where circus and other exhibitions were held. However, after independence, Dharamshala gradually ceased to exist. Now it is left just a square.

These places refreshing memories

The central playground is the play ground in the center of the city by the name of Amar Shaheed. The entrance to his name at the railway junction is his Chitabhoomi at Sodagodam Chowk. The cell and hanging place of the immortal martyr in the Central Jail, Muzaffarpur is still safe.

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