Kashmir: Administration is delivering Ration and LPG House-to-House on Bakrid


Kashmir: Administration is delivering Ration and LPG House-to-House on Bakrid: After the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, everyone is watching the atmosphere of the valley. After the removal of Article 370, speculation of stress situation was being done, but no untoward incident has happened so far. Where section-144 was lifted from Jammu, at some places in Kashmir, it has been relaxed.

Today is Bakrid

Today is Bakrid and in view of this, the government has taken many important steps in Jammu and Kashmir. The security forces deployed on the rumble have been kept on high alert. LPG and vegetables are being sent to homes by the administration. Banks and about 3557 ration shops will be open in the valley on holiday.

Eid prayers have been relaxed in Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir

Eid prayers have been relaxed in Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir. However section 144 has not been removed. Rajouri is a very sensitive area in terms of law and order. DC of Rajouri has confirmed this information. The area of ​​Rajouri falls in the border area of ​​Jammu.

Rohit Kansal said

Meanwhile, Rohit Kansal, Principal Secretary and Spokesperson of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir, said, ‘On Sunday, people came out of the house for shopping. Some people want to go to Srinagar. We are trying to provide such people the facility to go to Srinagar. Despite the ban, people are being exempted. The police has also clarified in this regard. I wish everyone a happy Eid.’

Seventh Day of Remove Article 370

On the seventh day of imposition of Section 144, normal traffic movement was seen on the streets of Srinagar on Sunday. A day before Bakrid, there was a rage in the markets. Things are slowly returning to normal in Kashmir. During this, the police released an aerial view of different areas of the valley.

DC Sahid Chaudhary

DC Shahid Chaudhary of Srinagar said that the situation is under control. Bakrid is expected to pass peacefully. After reviewing the situation, the landline can open in a day or two. At the same time, prayers were offered for peace of peace in Jammu and Kashmir in the mosque of Bhagthali village of Kathua. During this, people waved the tricolor. Although Section 144 continues in the border area of ​​Jammu, phones and internet are also closed, but people are demanding removal of the ban.

Terrorist attack alert

The Intelligence Department (IB) has issued an alert saying that Islamic State (IS) and ISI-backed terrorists are plotting to attack on the occasion of Bakr-Eid in India on Monday. In a confidential report at the state police unit and police headquarters, the intelligence department has said that ISI-backed jihadi group militants may carry out a terrorist incident in Jammu and Kashmir and other areas of the country on the occasion of Eid.

News agency IANS quoted sources as saying that pro-radical terrorist organizations supported by the Islamic State and Pakistan could target congested places – bus stations, railway stations, airports and other important places.

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