Google Doodle celebrates 155th birth anniversary of women’s rights activist, Poet, Educator Kamini Roy


Google Doodle celebrates 155th birth anniversary of women’s rights activist, Poet, Educator Kamini Roy: Kamini Roy was a leading Bengali poet, social worker and feminist in British India. She was the first woman honours graduate in British India. This is from Wikipedia.

  • Date of Birth: 12 October 1864, Bengal Presidency
  • Date of Died: 27 September 1933, Hazaribagh
  • Parent’s Name: Chandi Charan Sen
  • Notable work: Alo O Chhaya
  • Study: Bethune College, University of Calcutta

Who is kamini roy?

Today is the 155th birth anniversary of the famous poetess Kamini Roy of Bengal, he was born on 12 October 1864 in Vasanda, Bangladesh. Father Chandi Charan Sen was a passionate writer and Kamini’s brother was a barrister in the Calcutta High Court. His younger sister Jamini was a doctor of the Nepal Raj family. Kamini was married to Kedarnath Roe in 1894. Kamini’s entire life was the first Indian woman to graduate in British India in the development of women’s education and literature, and also taught in college.

Google Celebrate Kamini Roy by Google Doodle

At that time women education was female. She emphasized on women’s education everywhere so that their proper development could be done. In 1921, she hoped to meet with Lily Sen after meeting Naamitra, or by representing the women’s society, and organized women’s upliftment movement throughout Bengal. She was also a member of the Mahila Mazdoor Inquiry Commission, which found education as a women’s right in 1925 to 1926.

Google Doodle Celebrate 155th birthday of Kamini Roy by Doodle

Kamini inspired women to poetry literature. In 1923, he encouraged Sufia Jamal on a big year tour. From 1922 to 1923, she was the Vice President of the Bengali Sahitya Parishad. In 1930, he also chaired the Bengali Literature Conference, Kolkata University received the Jagattarini Gold Medal. She was inspired by Ravindra Nath Tagore and Sanskrit literature, her major litterateur works Balika Prakhar Adarsh ​​were quite level. He stayed in Hazaribagh in the last days, and he gave up his life on 27 September 1933.

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