Hans Christian Gram: Google Doodle Celebrates Danish Microbiologist Hans Christian Gram’s 166th Birthday


Hans Christian Gram: Google Doodle Celebrates Danish Microbiologist Hans Christian Gram’s 166th Birthday: Google is today celebrating the 166th birthday of the Danish Microbiologist Hans Christian Gram with a special doodle. The art is beautifully designed and painted by Danish guest artist Mikel Sommer. He is known for Gram Stain for early detection of bacteria. Hans Christian Village was born on 13 September 1853. They were originally residents of Denmark.

Who Hans Christian Gram?

Hans Christian Joachim Gram was a Danish bacteriologist noted for his development of the Gram stain. Wikipedia

  • Born: 13 September 1853, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Died: 14 November 1938, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Nationality: Danish
  • Education: Copenhagen University
  • Field: Bacteriology
  • Academic advisor: Japetus Steenstrup

Gram stain is a method by which bacteria can be divided into different species. Hans Christian Village divided the bacteria into two major species, that is, they divided the bacteria into gram-positive and gram-negative classes. In these two ways, they divided the bacteria differently.

Google has shown everything from use of gram to microscope and samples of bacteria through doodles. After earning his MD (Doctor of Medicine) from the University of Copenhagen in 1878, Gram studied bacteriology and pharmacology in Europe.

Hans Christian Village classified bacteria based on their chemical and physical properties. On the basis of the bacteria’s inner membrane and its physical and chemical properties, Hans classified them as distinct species.

From 1878 to 1885, he traveled to Europe and after that in Berlin in 1884, the method of classifying bacteria was settled. He is still remembered worldwide for his work. On 14 November 1938, he said goodbye to the world and became engrossed in sleeplessness.

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