Alert: What the Symptoms of Brain Fever and how to Protect from Brain Fever


Alert: What the Symptoms of Brain Fever and how to Protect from Brain Fever

Alert: What the Symptoms of Brain Fever and how to Protect from Brain Fever: In the district, brain fever i.e. acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) has been knocked out. AES has been confirmed in an elderly Jajmu region. He has been admitted to King George’s Medical University (KGMU) in Lucknow, where his condition is serious. On the other hand, the officers of the Health Department are busy pressing the case instead of prevention and rescue.

Brain Fever first case

Ram Ratan Verma, 72-year-old father of Lakshmi Narayan Verma, a resident of Tiwarpur Bagia of Jajmu, took the family doctor to a high fever. In the meantime, with severe pain in his head, unconsciousness, weakness and shock began to come. Given their serious situation, the family moved to KGMU of Lucknow. Acute encephalitis syndrome has been confirmed for testing in the microbiology lab. Its information has been given to Heads to CMO Dr. Ashok Shukla.

Five cases found in Jajamau area

In the year 2018, five cases of AES were found in the Jajamu region. Despite this, the Malaria authorities of the area did not take any action to prevent them, nor did the officers take action against them. The result of this is that even this time AES patients have been found in this area.

Symptoms of JE / AES

Symptoms of the disease begin to appear after 5-15 days of JE infected mosquito bites. It has high fever, headache, unconsciousness and stroke. Weakness, irritability, difficulty in urination and defecation in clothing, speaking and walking.

Rescue from JE / AES

  • Avoid mosquitoes.
  • Spraying and fagging are necessary for mosquito killings.
  • Do not consume the contaminated water.
  • Keep clean around.
  • Keep the pigs away in the population area.
  • Use toilets.
  • Keep in mind the cleanliness of the children.

What is the CMO’s say

KGMU gave information to the state headquarters. The letter related to the headquarters was received. On this, sending the Rapid Response Team has taken inhibitory action. The situation is completely under control : Dr. Ashok Shukla, CMO

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