Anti-stress drugs have such dangerous effects on health


Anti-stress drugs have such dangerous effects on health : Mental health continues to be a serious topic today due to overwork and stress affecting mental health. If you are taking medication to avoid stress, depression, or anxiety, be careful, it affects your health in many ways. Taking such drugs for a long time not only affects your brain health, but can also spoil your sex life.

It is worth noting that some level of stress is beneficial for our performance. But when this level of stress increases more than expected, it starts affecting our routine life. The ability to do this work is also affected. This causes the person in the mood swings so much that he himself does not know when he will be happy and when he will become depressed. In such a situation, the doctor advises counselors and anti-depression drugs. These drugs control mood to a great extent, but it has many side effects on health.

Use of these drugs has many side effects. When you take anti-stress medications for a long time to avoid mood swings, then your mood starts to depend on these medicines. Taking the drug releases anti-stress hormones in the brain. Which makes you feel happy. But then the structure of your brain becomes such that you cannot be happy without medicine. Along with this, some people start complaining of low blood pressure due to taking anti-stress or anti-depression medication. These drugs try to cool you down. So that you can spend your day without stress. But it has a negative effect on blood pressure. Sometimes it is so low that you have to take separate medicines for it.

Constant use of these medicines also affects your health. Stress hormone not only gives you stress, but also gives energy and motivation to work better. When you try to relieve the brain through drugs, your level of confidence also starts to fall. Hence, doctors recommend not to depend on these medicines for long. Also, taking anti-stress and Andy depression medications affects the sex life of most people. These sexes affect the process of hormone production. While some people are affected by sex desire too. Low libido has been seen in women by serving these medicines. Anti-stress drugs have such dangerous effects on health

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