Do not easily TRUST on electronic cigarettes: WHO: The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that governments and consumers do not believe in promoting other products like electronic cigarettes. The statement said that the loss of electronic cigarette is less, it is a strategy to promote tobacco companies. The WHO stated in the 2019 Global Tobacco Epidemic Report that in the long run, the tobacco industry is working against measures being taken for tobacco control.

Many industries say that electronic cigarettes are safe instead of traditional cigarettes and they help in the habit of smoking cigarettes. According to the evidence, e-cigarette is becoming increasingly popular among American teenagers.

The WHO had issued the report that there was not enough evidence to support this. When cigarette drinkers will completely leave nicotine, they will only benefit. The American Food and Drug Administration has announced several measures to control the sale of electronic cigarettes in recent years.

WHO Tobacco Control Officer Vinayak Prasad said that the effects of drinking electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes are similar, the biggest difference is that there is no clear smoke in electronic cigarettes. He stressed that the electronic cigarette market should strengthen the supervision, which is also a clear target of the WHO.

(Credo-China Radio International, Beijing)

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