Good News: Now sugar patients will also be able to Eat Kheer and Halwa without any worry


Good News: Now sugar patients will also be able to Eat Kheer and Halwa without any worry: Sugar patients often have to avoid sweet dishes, as they increase and decrease the amount of sugar in their body. However, now such patients will also be able to taste the dishes of the heart. The Indian Kannada Research Institute (IIMR) has produced more than 150 such dishes which are made of eight types of kadan including jowar, millet. These special dishes are no less of a boon for diabetes patients.

Around 20 years ago, jowar, millet was used by people in their daily food, but after the introduction of the market, their use was reduced. Now the way diseases are increasing, there is a big roll of wheat etc. coming in the present time. Kadan makes slow carbohydrates in your body. For this reason it is better for patients with sugar.

Special care taken by new generation

The new generation does not get the taste of jowar, millet. So they do not eat it, but now the way jowar and millet have been prepared, everyone will like it. Recently, a conference was held at Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (HAU). Experts from IIMR also participated in it. He showed the students and visitors there how to make more than 150 food products like jowar, bajra to kheer, pudding, children like muffins, cakes.

Taste so that everyone will forget

You will be surprised to know that tasting them will not make you feel like you are eating something like jowar, millet. The institute has taken every care in preparing these foods. Currently, products like bajra biscuits, noodles are being made in HAU.

Products like Bhelpuri, Panipuri and Cookies also

Food enthusiasts often have more people under the age of 40. Therefore, so many experiments were done on jowar, bajra and ragi that even the dishes that the youth liked in the present time could be prepared from it. Institute has prepared Panipuri, Jowar Coconut Chocolate Laddus, Jowar Flour Gulab Jamun, Jowar Chocolate Brownie, Jowar Flour Mysore Pak, Kodo to Bhelpuri, Jowar Andarhit Rava Cake, Jowar Cookies, Small Kadoo to Cashew Namkeen, Bajra Sev etc. went. The institute aims to train more and more people in the country for these special types of cuisines, so that they can operate restaurants of tasty foods. This will not only improve the health of the people, but will also boost the crops.

Harvest crops

Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, Kutki, Kodo, Cornice, Sawan, Gram

Crop characteristics

  • Vitamin B complex and vitamin E are found in more quantity in it.

In this, especially minerals, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium are found in more quantity.

  • In the long run the percentage of free glucose is low. This reduces the risk of diabetes.
  • Only six to 11 of protein and 1.5 to five of fat in kannada vary.
  • IIMR is teaching how to make delicious and healthy dishes through eight types of kadans, including jowar, millet.

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