Great relief News for medical students Recommendation to eliminate NEET PG for admission in MS MD

Great relief News for medical students Recommendation to eliminate NEET PG for admission in MS MD: There is a great relief news for students wishing to enroll in MD and MS courses. The Health Ministry has recommended ending the Neet Entrance Examination for admission in PG courses in its proposed bill. The ministry says that the final results of MBBS will be sufficient for admission in PG courses.

What Source said:

Government sources said that this amendment has been included in the revised draft of the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, which will soon be sent to the cabinet for approval.

The sources said that these amendments were included in the bill on the instructions of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Sources said, “According to the changes made in the latest NMC Bill, the entire country will be enrolled in PG courses on the basis of the National Exit Test (NEX) held in the form of a common exam. After passing the final examination of MBBS, candidates will not have to face any other examination for admission in PG courses.

Along with this, students will not need to sit in any other examination to practice MBBS after passing the examination.

However, for admission in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) PG courses, students will have to give separate entrance test. Apart from this, the Super Specialty Entrance Examination will also be held for admission in DM / MCH course.

Every year 80,000 students enroll in 480 medical colleges in MBBS courses. PG has 50,000 seats, for which about 1.5 lakh students take entrance exams every year.

The NMC Bill was introduced in Parliament in 2017, but with the end of the 16th Lok Sabha term, this bill was also over.

After this bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha, the people of the medical sector had strongly opposed it, after which it was referred to the Standing Committee of the concerned Department of the Parliament. This bill proposes to establish NMC in place of Indian Medical Council (MCI) Act, 1956. In this Act, ‘Bridge Course’ has been proposed for the students of alternative medicine, after which they can practice in allopathy medicine.

On the recommendation of the Committee of Parliament, the Health Ministry had removed the ‘Bridge Course’ from the Bill and made some other changes.

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