Health News: Shocking study revealed about pregnant women across the country including Delhi


Health News: Shocking study revealed about pregnant women across the country including Delhi: Due to the deteriorating climate, not only Delhi-NCR, but the health of people across the country is deteriorating rapidly. Not only women, elderly and born children, unborn children are also not untouched by its effects. Many children do not bear the brunt of pollution and die in the mother’s womb. Problems like abortion in women are increasing due to pollution.

India is affected by 12.4 lakh pollution every year

According to this, according to the recently released State of Global Air 2019 study report, India is facing 12.4 lakhs pollution every year. This study has proved that increasing air pollution can lead to not only abortions, but also to premature birth and low birth weight in children.

Research done on 28 women

This is the first time any research has found that the black carbon particles in the body through the mother’s breath can reach inside the unborn child. However researchers had studied this point in Belgium. It selected 28 pregnant women who did not smoke. A high resolution imaging technique was used. With the help of this technique, the samples of the placenta can be scanned. In this way carbon particles turn into bright white light that can be measured.

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In this, black carbon particles were found on the fetus in all women, indicating the effect of air pollution. Out of these 10 women who lived near extremely busy roads, high carbon particles were found in their placenta. At the same time, women who lived five hundred meters away from the busy roads, found less carbon particles in their placenta.

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According to Dr. Narendra Saini (former General Secretary, Indian Medical Association (IMA)), it is quite right that the unborn child is also killed by pollution through the mother’s breath and blood vessels. There is also no doubt that black carbon particles cause miscarriage, premature delivery and weak child health. Pollution prevention has become very important to improve this situation.

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