How To Increase Height | Best Tips and Tricks to Increase Height


How To Increase Height | Best Tips and Tricks to Increase Height

how to increase height

In today’s time, every other person tries to show his personality and him better. The biggest contribution to your personality is your height. If your height is small then its effect is directly seen on your personality. This is why it is necessary to have good height and health. Today we will tell you some tips with the help of this article that how you can increase your height.

How to increase height tips

Obviously, your height will be small, due to which you are reading this article of ours. Often you have noticed that whenever you go for a walk with your friends, you are made quite fun about your height. Because of your small height, you are seen from a different perspective. This is why you must have a good height. You must also have heard somewhere that from 18 years to 21 years, your height increases. Height increases after 21 years of age. So let’s know how you can increase your height.


You must also have heard that getting full sleep increases your height, which is absolutely true. When we sleep or rest, our body grows slowly. We should get 8 to 10 hours of sleep daily to increase our height.

  • Get 8 to 10 hours of sleep daily.
  • Always try to sleep directly while sleeping.
  • Do not sleep without leaning.


Exercise proves to be very beneficial for increasing exercise height and improving health. The most important jogging (race) is in height height exercise. If you wake up daily in the morning and do jogging, then your height is more likely to increase.

  • Give the race some time daily.
  • Exercise with stretching.
  • Do the hanging exercise.
  • Exercise with jump.


Nutritious diet is very important in daily life and to increase height. To increase height, you should take nutritious diet, calcium, mineral, protein etc. in full quantity daily. Consuming all these things helps to increase your height.

  • Take sufficient amount of nutritious food, calcium, mineral, protein.
  • Stay away from junk food.
  • Eat more of green vegetables.

Keep the back straight

The biggest role in increasing height is our back bone. If you want to increase your height, you should always sit with your waist straight, doing this will help you to increase back pain and height. While walking, keep your waist straight, if you work more on computer then you should take care of this.

  • Try to sit upright on your own.
  • Keep your waist straight while walking.
  • Never bow down.

How you can increase your height, this article written by us, how to increase height tips in hindi how to increase height tips in Hindi. how was it ? Whether the information given by us proved beneficial for you or not, do let us know by commenting. If your friend or a family person has a problem of small height, then you can share this article with him. Join us to learn more about health.


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