Bhikari: Google now shows Pak PM Imran Khan’s images if you search ‘bhikari’ – Google


Bhikari: Google now shows Pak PM Imran Khan’s images if you search ‘bhikari’ – Google:

After the change in Article 370 about Kashmir in India, Pakistan is left out. In the UNSAC Council, Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan has also suffered a failure. After this, something is happening on social media as well, due to which the credibility of Pakistan PM Imran Khan is becoming more discounted.

Search Bhikari on Google Image

Actually, Imran Khan’s picture is coming as a result after searching Bikhari (beggar) in search engine Google. When you type beggar in Google and search the image, you will see a picture of Imran Khan in which he is seen holding a bowl in his hand.

Imran Khan as Bhikari on Google

Imran Khan is being ridiculed for this trend on social media. Significantly, a week ago, an onion seller said tightly that 3-4 days are left for the Eid festival but the market is still sluggish. We depend on India for onions and other vegetables. I think onion prices are going to increase further. Does Imran Khan want to feed us grass?

On July 22, data from the State Bank of Pakistan showed that the country’s exports to South Asian neighbors fell from $ 2.672 billion in the last financial year of 2018-19 to $ 3.104 billion in the previous year.

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