Commonwealth Games Boycott: Government will decide on Commonwealth Games Boycott says sports minister of India


Commonwealth Games Boycott: Government will decide on Commonwealth Games Boycott says sports minister of India: The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) wants to boycott those Games after the shooting was dropped from the Commonwealth to be held in Birmingham in 2022, but the Sports Minister advised IOA representatives to meet the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) .

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA)

When asked him that IOA is constantly threatening to boycott these games, what is the opinion of the Sports Ministry about this? Rijiju said that right now we have asked him to appeal to the CGF chief. It will be decided at the time. The government will take the final decision on this.

When asked if the right way is to do the boycott, then he said that the game is for everyone. This game is important for all the players who fight for the Commonwealth Games medal. The Commonwealth Organizing Committee has decided that there should be no shooting in Birmingham.

Representatives of IOA and Indian Shooting Association came to me. He spoke to me on future prospects and asked me what to do in it. I told them that there is no time to decide whether to do the boycott or not. This is a big decision. Boycott any international sport is a big decision. We cannot take any decision in zeal but it is right that the Commonwealth Games Committee also has to understand that India is the largest country in these games and India’s side should be heard while taking any major decision.

Commonwealth Organizing Committee (COC)

The IOA should ask the Commonwealth Organizing Committee or seek advice. He has not spoken to the IOA about the decision to keep shooting out. I told IOA President Narinder Batra that you have come to the government, we will consider, but before we take some decision, before you present India’s favor in front of the Commonwealth Games committee that we do not approve this decision. This decision should be reconsidered.

When told that voting has also been done on this decision and they have decided that the shooting will not come back? In such a situation, what is the use of talking to them? Rijiju said that IOA told me that the decision has been made but we will have to appeal. There are two things in this, one is national interest. We get the most medals from shooting. If that game is not there, then what decision should we take. We should also not forget that the decision taken does not harm the expectations of other sports and India. We will take a balanced decision at the right time.

Shooting has been a part of every Commonwealth Games except for the Games in Edinburgh in 1970, after making it to the Commonwealth Games in 1966. The CGF, in its executive board meeting in June, recommended the inclusion of three new sports out of shooting. The decision was a setback for India as the country’s shooters won 16 medals, including seven gold, at last year’s Gold Coast Games. With this, India stood at third place in the table with a total of 66 medals.

Paris and Los Angeles Olympics watch

When the Sports Minister was asked about next year’s Tokyo Olympics, he said that there is only 10 months left in it and in such a situation we have to go with the existing talent. In 10 months we cannot create new talent. We are expecting better results from the previous Olympics. He said that my long-term preparations are for the Olympic Games to be held in Paris in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028.

On hosting big games, he said that we are not against it. It is a matter of pride for any country to host Olympics and Asian Games. Our dream is to host the Olympics. When asked about India-Pakistan bilateral games, Rijiju said that there will be no bilateral series between the two countries without the approval of the government, but when it comes to international multi-sports competitions, there is no interference from the government in that.

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