Google Hangout Gmail getting new out of office feature which will not disturb you in office hours


Google Hangout Gmail getting new out of office feature which will not disturb you in office hours: Google has added a new ‘Out of office’ feature to its Google Hangout and Gmail. With the help of this feature, now you will not be able to disturb them by pinging on these two services.

With the addition of this feature, users will not get any notifications or alerts until they mark themselves as ‘Out of office’ in Google Calender. Gmail users will see this feature when composing an email or as a banner in the Hangout chat window. You can enable or disable it whenever you want. Google has given this information through its blog post.

How will work

This banner made in Google Hangout will have ‘Out of office’ written next to the name of the recipient of the message. In addition, this feature will also tell when Recipient (user receiving message) will be available. Only after the user is available will you be able to ping them through the chat window in Google Hangout. As long as the recipient of the message is written with the name ‘Out of office’ in front of you, you cannot ping them nor chat.

According to Google’s blog post, ‘With the launch of this feature, now the sender (user sending e-mail) will get the message of the receiver being’ Out of Office ‘even before clicking the Sent button of the e-mail.

It will appear almost everywhere in the G-Suite. This means that after turning on this feature, users will be able to protect themselves from unwanted e-mail or chat. At the same time, from the perspective of the sender of a message, it is also a useful feature for them because it will give them information that they are sending an e-mail at the wrong time to any visitor. The ‘Out of Office’ feature will function in a way similar to the ‘Do not disturb’ sign.

Google’s ‘Out of Office’ was in the testing phase for the last few days. Now this feature has officially started rolling out. This feature is being rolled out phase wise. Google announced this ‘Out of Office’ in April. This feature was introduced at the Google Cloud Next 2019 event. Let us know that Google Hangout will be made offline after June 2020.

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