US Secretary of United State of America Mike Pompey will meet today S. Jayashankar


US Secretary of United State of America Mike Pompey will meet today S. Jayashankar:External Affairs Minister S. Jayashankar will meet with US Secretary of State Mike Pompey on Friday ie today. In this meeting, there will be bilateral talks between the representatives of the two countries. In this meeting, economic and trade policies will be discussed between the two countries.

Very Common Relation between India and USA

The relationship between India and America in recent times is very common. There is some disturbance between the two countries on taxation. It can be assumed that this important meeting will discuss important discussions on business relations between the two countries.

Before that S Jayashankar had met Vietnam’s Foreign Minister Pham Bin Minh in Bangkok. The theme of the ASEAN summit being held in Thailand this year is ‘partnership and sustainable development’. It emphasizes the cooperation of the ASEAN countries on the basis of common interest.

Main Motive of this Meeting

The main topics of this ASEAN Summit are the dialogue for the impact of China-US trade tension on the ASEAN region’s economy, reform and publicity of the WTO, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP). ASEAN 10 plus 6 (ASEAN is to promote 10 countries and China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand). In addition to this, the effect of America’s ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy’ will also be discussed.

According to Source

According to sources, a joint declaration of ASEAN leaders will also be passed on the summit of ASEAN leaders and ASEAN cultural year at the summit. The host will also advocate to sign documents for joint cooperation with ASEAN countries in cooperation with the management of marine litter.

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