Arjun Patiala Movie Review: Diljeet Dosanjh and Kriti Sena won the heart, Honest Review: You will love this style of the film. There are many comedy movies made in Bollywood, but this movie is special.

Movie Name: Arjun Patiala

Director: Rohit Jugraj Chauhan

Genre: Drama / Comedy

Whenever you watch a movie, a discclair comes in the beginning, ‘no animal has been harmed in this film ….’ ‘Arjun Patiala’ starts with this line, but with the punch line of comedy. Yes, singer and actress Diljeet Dosanjh, Kriti Sanyan and Varun Sharma starrer This movie is full of tears of spoof comedy, but the track of this story can not be found on track, let’s know.

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Story of Arjun Patiala

Let’s talk about the story of the movie. Director Rohit Jugraj Chauhan has thrown a love story of a good looking policeman and a beautiful journalist in a light-hearted comedy. Arjun Patiala (Diljeet Dosanjh) win the game and dreams of getting some work done for his body becomes a recruitment on ACP’s post in the police. He leaves the house with the promise of helping the father in his house. As soon as the police station arrives, it helps all (especially girls).

Meanwhile, he meets journalist Ritu Randhawa (master senan). Both begin to love each other and then start the real story of the film. The villains of the district i.e. villains start killing each other. Nobody is aware that who is doing this and why. Ritu has a fight between Arjuna, who puts Ritu in trouble. On the other hand, Arjun has to shoot his disciples ie DCP Onida Singh (Varun Sharma) … Why is this why so much twist is happening in the story and what will be the end of it, to know all this, you will have to watch the movie. And yes, there are Sunny Leoni in the movie, who are looking very sweet.

What’s Good in the movie

Director Rohit Jugraj Chauhan has done an experiment. This is a romantic spoof comedy movie. In every scene and every dialogue you get a full-fledged comedy. From Arjuna’s parents to Onida Singh, everyone’s actions will make you laugh. There is romance in it, there is emotion, drama and there are real seasons of shooting in between, which you do not get to see in any movie.


In most of Bollywood movies, you may have seen a muscular policeman, but Diljeet Dosanjh looks very cute in police uniforms. Like they have won the heart of everyone with their voice, they will also like their acting. Master Sainan has done fine acting. At the same time, Varun Sharma, Ronit Roy, Seema Pahwa, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub and Pankaj Tripathi have again proved that who is doing natural acting is called. If you say that any actor has left no stone unturned then this will not be wrong.


In the film you will find many unique things, but its biggest drawback is the story. Yes, as soon as the movie starts, you will understand what is the story pattern. Because of this you will also feel boredom. The climax and ending of the film is also quite normal. Speaking of songs, no sound is missed when you get out of the theater.

If you want to watch a comedy movie in a light-hearted style, which is slightly different from the rest of the comedy movie, then you can go to the movie. India TV is giving ‘Arjun Patiala’ 2.5 stars.

Watch Trailer of Arjun Patiala

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