Arjun Patiala Movie Review: Diljit Doshanjh and Kriti Sainan Movie


Arjun Patiala Movie Review: Diljit Doshanjh and Kriti Sainan Movie: Filmmakers and actors in Bollywood sometimes make mistakes in making films, and one of those mistakes is Arjun Patiala. When this movie was created, what thought would the audience be happy, would give praise? No, no brother. The viewers are taking Ubashis sitting here in the cinema hall and stopping themselves from taking a flick. In this waiting that maybe some good will be right now, something will be fun. But it did not happen until the end of regret.

If there is a deficiency in the film then I would also ignore it, but here the whole movie got disconnected, what should be done?

Well, the film talks about Arjun Patiala. I am quite confused to tell that the story of the film is finally what Because there is no story in the movie. From anywhere, anything is happening and thinking what is happening to the brother? The film starts with a dialogue and writer’s dialogue.

The director asks the writer what the story of the film he has come up with. Writer one-by-one says that in his story, there are item songs, 4 villains, heroes and heroines, and Sunny Leone will fit somewhere in it. Listening to this, the director is happy and declares the preparation for making the film.

But the writer wants his story to be heard once. So he celebrates the director and that just starts with Tarachar. The story of the writer’s film begins with Arjun Patiala (Diljeet Dosanjh) who is a judo and wants to be a policeman. Arjun, since childhood, has grown up looking at IPS Amarjit Singh Gill (Ronit Roy) and wants to be like him.

Arjun wins the judo competition and his posting takes place in the Ferozabad police post. Now the situation of the Firozabad police chowk is not less than any statue. This means that in this post, a buffalo named Victoria is tied, on which Munshi Onida (Varun Sharma) is crushed.

Well Arjun comes to Patiala in Firozabad and starts playing thief-police. Before the game of this thief police, Arjun city journalist falls in love with Ritu Randhawa. On the shoulders of Arjun, there is a duty to eradicate crime from the city and for this, he has to do his work by putting too much brain. At the same time, he has to save and advance his love story too.
As I mentioned earlier, the story of the film is not something special. If it was written in the way it could have been something, but if the story is not understood by the audience, then what advantage would it be? The film starts from somewhere, and in the middle you feel that if you did not make it, there was no harm, but it would not have been worth the loss. The story was fragile as well as the performance of the actors also disappointed.

Diljeet Dosanjh, Kriti Sena and Varun Sharma are in lead roles in the film. Diljeet Dosanjh did a good job in the role of Arjun Patiala. It is not good that you would praise him, but he was right to withstand. It is a bit difficult to understand when master Sainon’s ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ will go on a hangover. You will miss the film Bareilly’s Barfi by seeing every scene in them.

Varun Sharma was not anything special. There is a different way of betting their dialogue, which is quite fun. Apart from him, nothing is special in his performance. Ronit Roy frustrated in the role of IPS Gill. Ronit Roy is one of the best actors in the industry and his small role is also making a lot of difference.

Apart from this, the film has Seema Pahwa, Sunny Leoni and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub, who have done fine work. You do not even have to take any of the characters from the house with you. You see them and forget them. Besides, the cameo was good in the film. Abhishek Bannerjee was very good in the role of director in the role of Pankaj Tripathi and writer.

Director Rohit Jugraj has not made this film according to Bollywood. Rohit has not been able to handle the film in a big way as the Punjabi film industry has done great films such as Sardar and Sardar G2. While the hit duo of Diljeet Dosanjh and Rohit Zughraj was to be awesome from the movie Arjun Patiala, the pair were tie-to-fish only.

Some dialogues and jokes in the movie are good. There are plenty of fun elements in the film, which somewhere laugh at you. Some sequences of the movie are also good. But apart from this there is nothing that you would like to see. Just 1 hour and 47 minutes of film, you start feeling so long that you crave to come out of the theater.

The film’s cinematography is fine. Sachin-Jigar’s music is good, but whenever you get the songs in the movie, you catch your crown, why now? Diljeet Dosanjh’s song sings, heart breaks, and you will love to hear it. I do not understand any reason to see this movie, so if you have it, then you can go.

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Filmmakers and actors in Bollywood sometimes make mistakes in making films, and one of those mistakes is Arjun Patiala. Download Arjun Patiala in HD


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