Batla House Movie Review: Honest Batla House Movie Review, rating, you should watch or not watch


Batla House Movie Review: Honest Batla House Movie Review, rating, you should watch or not watch: What else can be better for the film depicting the passion of Desh Prem than August 15, the day of independence. Taking advantage of this day, John Abraham decided to release Batla House, directed by Nikhil Advani, on Independence Day.

  • Movie Name: Batla House
  • Cast: John Abraham, Mrinal Thakur, Nora Fatehi, Ravi Kishan
  • Director: Ravi Kishan
  • Movie Type: Action, Thriller
  • Movie Duration: 2 Hour 26 Minute

Story Batla House

KK (Ravi Kishan) and Sanjeev Kumar Yadav (John Abraham) of the Special Cell of Delhi Police along with their team in connection with the investigation of serial bomb blasts on 13 September 2008 in Batla House L-18 building Let’s reach the third floor.

There the police encounter the suspected Indian Mujahideen terrorists. In this encounter, two suspects are killed and one police officer is injured as well as KK. A suspect escapes from the scene. After this encounter, the atmosphere of politics and accusations throughout the country heats up.

Batla House Movie Review

Sanjeev Kumar Yadav’s team faces serious allegations of fake encounters by various political parties and human rights organizations for calling innocent students as terrorists.

In this connection, Sanjeev Kumar Yadav has to face not only the external politics but also the internal moves of the department. He struggles with mental illness such as post traumatic disorder.

His hands are tied in order to further the investigation and prove himself innocent. His wife Nandita Kumar (Mrinal Thakur) supports him. Honored with many Gallantry Awards, can a brave and honest police officer prove himself and his team innocent? You will have to watch the film to know it.


Review of Batla House

The specialty of director Nikhil Advani’s film is that it moves with many layers. They have been able to show all the perspectives that have arisen after this encounter.

In these layers, there is constant debates on the police’s intelligence, guilt, helplessness, its tainted credibility, the politics of political parties, the outrage of human rights organizations, religious bigotry, media projection and pressure.

There are many applause dialogues in the film. For example, in a scene, Sanjeev Kumar Yadav says, “A traffic cop can earn more in a week than the government gives to kill a terrorist.”

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The specialty of the story is that the police has not been glorified anywhere. The police themselves are the underdogs. Alok Pandey, who became a tufail by John, has become some of the finest scenes in explaining the verse of the Quran.

Nikhil has used real footage of leaders like Digvijay Singh, Arvind Kejriwal, Amar Singh and LK Advani in the film. Soumik Mukherjee’s cinematography has become the best. The director has kept the film very realistic, which at times seems heavy. The film should have had a climax and strongness.

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John Abraham’s performance as police officer Sanjeev Kumar Yadav will not be wrong if he is called his best performance so far. He has shown his mental duality, guilt, helplessness and jambaji as a police officer like Sanjeev Kumar very easily. Nowhere did he allow his character to be extra-ordinal heroic. Mrinal plays Nandita well.

Ravi Kishan has managed to make an impact in the role of K.K. His role should have expanded further. Rajesh Sharma’s work as a defense lawyer is remembered. Nora Fatehi is seen in the song ‘Small Roll’ and ‘Saki’.

Alok Pandey has done a good job in the role of Tufail. Supporting casts like Manish Chaudhary, Sahidur Rehman, Kranti Prakash Jha have been strong. Talking of music, Tulsi Kumar, Neha Kakkar and B. Prak’s cow song, ‘Saki’ became a hit with the release. His role should have expanded further.

Why Watch Batla House

If you are Lover of Realistic Movie then You can watch this movie.

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