Ghost Movie Review: Vikram Bhatt Directed Horror Film Staring Shivam Bhargav Shanaya Irani Know how many stars


Ghost Movie Review: Vikram Bhatt Directed Horror Film Staring Shivam Bhargav Shanaya Irani Know how many stars: No matter how powerful, money-rich and influential a person is. Whenever a bad time comes, he does whatever he is called. Worship, Tantra-Mantra, Totke, whatever is possible, he tries all the tricks, the emotion that works behind it is fear. The biggest fear is of the unknown, which is not visible but does damage. This sentiment has been used extensively by filmmakers across the world.

  • Movie Name– Ghost
  • Artists– Shivam Bhargava, Shanaya Irani etc.
  • Director– Vikram Bhatt
  • Producer – Vasu Bhagnani
  • Star – 3.5 Star out 5 Star

It would not be wrong to say that horror movies are considered to be a guarantee of success, but making horror films is also not everyone’s pleasure. This tradition in Hindi films ran successfully from Ramsay to Ramu and now the tradition is being played by noted film director Vikram Bhatt, who has mastered horror films, this time Vikram has brought Ghost, who is a true The event is based on.

Ghost Movie Story

This is the story of Karan Khanna (Shivam Bhargava), an Indian-origin politician based in London, who is accused of his wife’s blood. All the evidence is against him. He tells his advocate Simran Singh (Shanaya Irani) that he did not bleed, rather a blood is made from him by a soul. At first, Simran does not believe this at all, but later when she herself experiences it, she understands Karan and gets ready to fight his case.

What happens next, the film Ghost is woven on this line. Vikram Bhatt forces the audience to fold on the seat throughout the film. He manages to scare you without the ghosts with spoiled looks. Talking about acting, the well-known television star Shanaya Irani is seen performing brilliantly in her first film. At the same time, Shivam Bhargava, who is doing his debut film, is also seen with confidence.

Other actors, including director Vikram Bhatt, appear in small roles and are seen doing justice to their work. Overall, director Vikram Bhatt’s Ghost seems to be able to scare you. If you are fond of horror films, then surely you will love Ghost.

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  1. You who write about film can spell actress names right she is called SANAYA IRANI and not Shanaya.
    Sanaya Irani is a talented, successful actress and is known for her roles on Indian Television you cannot perform her with Shivam


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