Joker Review: This Dark terror Movie between laughter and violence, Amazing Movie of DC, #JokerMovie


Joker Review: This Dark terror Movie between laughter and violence, Amazing Movie of DC:

Joker has a dialogue that it takes just one day for any normal person to turn to madness. Arthur also seems to exceed the limits of this madness.

  • Film: Joker
  • Artist: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro
  • Director: Todd Philips
  • Rating: 4 Star out of 5 Star

In 2008, Joker’s character became immortal with Christopher Nolan’s film The Dark Knight. In this film, Heath Ledger played the character of Joker and the character was so dark that by the time of the release of the film, Heath committed suicide in his room. After his death, Heath received an Oscar Award for his best acting. Fans felt that it would not be easy for anyone to play the character of Joker better than Heath Ledger. In the 2014 film Deadpool, Jared Leto introduced a new clown of Joker but he did not meet the expectations of the audience. However, 11 years after the release of the Dark Knight, Walkin Phoenix has finally challenged Heath Ledger’s character with its stunning performance, and Phoenix, like Heath, has emerged as a strong contender for the Oscars.

Story of Joker Movie

This is the era of 80s in Gotham City. Arthur Flake, a lower middle class man, lives with his mother. His desires are also slightly different and he wants to entertain people. But people with him often make fun of him. Arthur, who wants to be a standup comedian, wants to laugh with people but society laughs at him. The people he trusts cheat him, due to which his mental condition starts deteriorating. There is also a dialogue of Joker that it takes just one day for any normal person to turn to madness. Arthur also starts to exceed the limits of this madness and with the climax that produces a shudder, this film makes you think.


This role can be included in the best performance of Phoenix’s career. You can feel the impact of this character only when, on seeing the violence being done by the Joker, on some occasions you feel the kindness for this character. Those who are surprised to see Phoenix’s performance, they should watch some of his previous films. Phoenix has also played a character of a lonely and crazy human in the film Master in 2012.

Phoenix’s personality is quite mysterious even in his personal and professional life. This is the reason why many film pundits also claim that if any artist after Heath Ledger can do justice to the character of the Joker, they are only Vineen Phoenix and they have shown it well. It is his acting that he is shocked by his normal dance steps. Apart from this, the characters of legend actor Robert De Niro and Arthur’s mother and psychologist also fit into their respective roles. Robert’s so active performance even at this stage of his age reflects his love for this craft.


Tod Phillips, who gained popularity by making hangover films, has now taken a long leap from comedy films to dark psychological drama. Some parts of this film will remind you of Taxi Scores, a top classic from Martin Scorsese in 1974, in which Robert De Niro’s character has become a taxi driver after spending time in the army and being completely lonely is ultimately dangerous. Takes steps. However, apart from Inspiration, the script of Tod’s film is quite tight and they have managed to surprise people in most scenes.

The cinematography of the film is beautiful and the scenes of the film can make you uncomfortable in many places, but it is amazing to the cinematographer of the film that even for a moment, I do not feel like removing the eyes from the screen, due to the same tight editing, this film this year’s Oscars It is seen standing ahead of the contenders.

Why should you watch this Movie?

The American Army issued a notice prior to the release of the film, stating that a certain community shootout could occur in some theaters upon the film’s release. This is the same community that considers the Joker as the ideal because like these people, the Joker has faced a lot of rejections in his life and he has been severely disconnected from the society.

Can there be incidents of violence in America by watching the movie Joker?

This possibility was also being expressed because so far 300 people have died in the United States this year due to poor gun laws. One such controversy has also been seen recently with the film Kabir Singh.

Obviously, Joker can also benefit from this publicity like Kabir Singh. But after watching the film, it is realized that with the help of this film, there is no condolence with any crazy psycho-killer, rather it is being focused on talking about mental health of people and mental problems also. Mainstream should be made in the same way as physical problems are created.

However, the director of the film trusts the understanding of the people very much and he hopes that no such atmosphere will be seen about this film. Joker may or may not benefit from this controversy, but it can definitely be said that this film is much bigger than any controversy and as a cinematic experience this film can be great for anyone.

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