Khanadani Shafakhana Review: Sonakshi Sinha’s acting is absolutely amazing in the film:

  • Movie Name: Khandaani Shafakhana
  • Cast: Sonakshi Sinha, Varun Sharma, badshah
  • Director: Shilpi Dasgupta
  • Rating: 4 Star out of 5

Many times we did not know what kind of beliefs we are going to play. There is a big taboo in our society regarding sex. Public words of this word all fall in suspicion. Because our society lacks sex education. This is the reason that the secretive disease that is natural, still hesitant to accept it and treat it.

Bollywood has stopped hesitation for some time now. On the issues which do not matter much, there are tabos among the majority of the population; the films have started to be started on such issues. Examples of movies such as Vicky Donor, Shubhang Mangal Suraksha, Pad Man and Toilet A Prem Katha. Now Sonakshi Sinha’s new film Khandani Shafakhana has also become a part of this episode.

This is Honest Khanadani Shafakhana Review. The film is about people who hesitate to keep sex-related illnesses and not tell them openly before going to the doctor. Many times people have different kinds of problems during sex, which is common. It can happen to anyone. Why is it not normal to talk about it when it is common? These questions have been asked through the film.

Story of Khanadani Shafakhana

The story of Punjab. The message appears repeatedly, that it is natural to mention the word ‘sex’ or ‘rational’, as it is unnatural to talk about it. By not talking about it, we have defined it in different ways. And this is the reason why the word is considered to be the meaning of obscenity.

Since society is such a thing, when Sonakshi Sinha is in the story of the film, she is determined to treat people’s sexually transmitted diseases, she had to face the disdain of the house, the neighborhood and the people. But their emotions never diminished. Through the film, efforts have been made to make people aware and aware about sexual problems.

Sonakshi Sinha Role in Khandaani Shafakhana

In the film Sonakshi Sinha is in the role of Babita aka Baby Bedi. Sonakshi lives in a small town of Punjab. Are medical representatives and they promote the medicine of their company. After the father’s passing, the condition of the house is not as good. Sonakshi lives with her mother. She has a brother (Varun Sharma), who is lazy with a number and his family has no hope for him. At the end, all responsibility comes to the baby’s shoulders.

The baby has to earn the house by earning money and the debt on the family is also to be withdrawn. Everything has been going on like this, in the meantime there is a turning point in the story. Sonakshi’s maternal uncle i.e. Kulbhushan Kharbanda runs a Khandaani Shafakhana where she treats sexual problems. Their medicines shoot people and their business is also going well. In the meantime, some organizations have tried to spoil their name from the founding of Bhagat Bhagat.

Mama ji feels helpless and does not tolerate the burden of humiliation for many days. One day the baby gets news of their dying and also it is also revealed that their family is named after the maternal uncle of the child. Now baby has two options. Either they will reject this offer from fear of society or move forward the legacy of their maternal uncle. Baby picks the second option and they do not even know how much risky it is.

Khanadani Shafakhana

This is the story of Becoming Baby Hakim Baby Bedi Begins From Here While treating the Khandaani Shafakhana, babies have to be heard from society. The treatment of secret diseases by a girl in the city center center makes it very special. For this, one should have unarmedness and freshness. Those who have been coded in Baby Then she does not have any effect on the principles of society and she continues his struggle. However, during this struggle there are some interesting turns that you will know by seeing the movie. It is interesting to see an important story on the screen with a joke of fun.

The acting of all the actors in the film is fantastic. Sonakshi Sinha has played a fine role in the role of a deaf Punjabi girl. Apart from him, Varun Sharma in brother’s role, Anu Kapoor in Advocate’s role, Kulbhushan Kharbanda has done a great job in Mama’s roll. In the role of the judge, actor Rajesh Sharma comes in a different environment. His character is of less time but it is very unique. Judges have always been presented in a very serious manner. But Rajesh filled the role in the role.

Now talk of the attraction of the movie. Of the king The superhit rap singer has also been specializing in singer acting. In this movie the king played a vital role. His followers will be happy to see his acting. The songs in the film are low and where the need is right there.

The film’s dialogues are fine. But the script shrouds somewhere. There is no speed in the film, which is kept from the beginning to the end. The middle starts to look a little bit boring. If Varun Sharma gets good dialogues, then the slow middle-agony between the film does not diminish.

The message has been given very good through this movie, but perhaps if the filming process was different and different then the film would be able to house it in Jaihan. But it must also be acknowledged that Sonakshi’s efforts made her 100 per cent. His acting came out in front of him. The lead actor of the film was right there and it is a great thing to go ahead with the film on its own. They also got good support from Sporty Roles.

Though his chemistry was prominently with Preyanesh Jora, but according to the script of the film, there was not much space for the love-loving season. The shooting location of the movie is good. The beauty of the beauty of Punjab is seen in some shooting shooting which is attractive.

The movie is worth watching and is worth the show. Khandaani Shafakhana is in fact a necessary story.

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