Khandaani Shafakhana Honest Review by Sumit Sihag: You should watch Khandaani Shafakhana Yes or Not


Khandaani Shafakhana Honest Review by Sumit Sihag: You should watch Khandaani Shafakhana Yes or Not: The idea of ​​’Khandani Shafakhana’ is very good. Think that if a girl has to run a sex clinic in a traditional and conservative environment, then how many possibilities will be present in that central idea. Whether you keep the comedy tone or serious, Anand is sure to come. However, Sonakshi Sinha’s film writes about such a good idea, such as a soccer script. He is motivated by many films made on social taboo topics and ultimately watching the melodrama take a look at our very lazy implementation of a particular Idea.

You will remember everything from ‘Vicky Donor’ to ‘Shubh Mangal Savdhan’ and ‘Congratulations’ while watching ‘Khandani Shafakhana’. This film by Shilpi Dasgupta makes cinema like these three films on such a risqué and discrete subject on which it is impossible in our society even today to talk in public. But thinking of keeping all the three films in mind, you will easily understand where this film misses and where it finds something interesting.

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The specialty of ‘Vicky Donor’ and ‘Congratulations Ho’ was that by the end, he had succeeded in writing a very interesting screenplay on his discrete subject. He had excellent writers, besides good artists, who had looked at the complete idea of ​​the story more than the rest of the idea.

Khandaani Shafakhana is Great Movie

On the other hand, ‘Shubh Mangal Suraksha’, despite a very interesting subject and a great start, was able to become a fine show due to the involvement of ordinary Hindi cinema in the later part of the interval. His idea was the most risky of all the films made on the subjects related to sex and that is why he is still remembered today. But the film in its entirety remains nineteen compared to the other two.

Similar drawbacks are also with ‘Khandani Shafakhana’. Many more times than ‘Good Mars’. The hangover of her discrete thoughts on her is so much that she clearly cannot move ahead of him. When it grows, it is found only by measuring the old way. The directors of Hindi cinema have also suffered a new kind of illness that they start thinking of themselves as true heroes by bringing new Rishki ideas into films and focusing on its implementation. By forgetting to give social messages, forget to create entertaining, interesting cinema.

Gautam Mehra’s ‘Khandani Shafakhana’ is a discourse from beginning to end like an informative government advertisement. Meanwhile Rattamar behaves like a teacher giving sex education till the end, despite taking care of comedy and light scenes.

Khandani Safakhana is interesting movie or not plz tell in Comment

The way Hindi films explore unique and risqué themes will now have to change. In 2012, ‘Wiki Donor’ explores the wonders and discomforts of the society through a spur-donored hero, why do you want to explore some similar circumstances through a girl running a sex clinic in 2019? How long will the shock value last? Go ahead and prepare the screenplay ahead of the problems faced by the orthodox society and their violent protests due to the heroine running the sex clinic. Most of our films made on social tabos are busy with making the same old thing around ‘what the society will say’, ‘what the family will say’, which fills the viewer of Netflix and Amazon Prime in this period. .

To better understand this criticism, compare the film with ‘Sex Education’, the British series of Netflix, which talks about ‘Comedy-Drama genre’ on sex education like ‘Khanadani Shafakhana’. That series also talks about the social taboo of sex education, but many interesting characters, situations and contemporary themes keep on constantly watching us. And during this time, giving the opportunity to constantly look into the characters’ inner world, it creates such a story-world that you can easily connect with that foreign and stranger story. In spite of being a native of ‘Khanadani Shafakhana’, the story is well-liked grass is equal; Third, the secretions are also found in the melodrama of the melodrama and the old Hindi films melodrama!

However, in some places you get laughter and in some places some interesting scenes are also found. But is it enough in a two-hour twenty-minute movie? no at all!

Varun Sharma in Khandaani Shafakhana

Varun Sharma gets where there is a laugh in the film. He has always been kept in the film to include the cover of humor and here also the small jokes are delivered in a jhoon style. But it is understandable that Varun Sharma’s character does not add anything special to the story, but only serves to sell the film as a comedy.

Overall, because of their presence, the ‘Family Scaffolding’ remains completely cipher.

Annu Kapoor’s lawyer character is an extension of the role of ‘Vicky Donor’ and for such a great artist like him, it is also a joke to do such poorly written characters. TV actor Priyanshu Jora is in the role of lover and there is freshness in his screen presence, but the character-graph is so weak that he cannot remain effective after the first few scenes.

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The character of Badshah does not add anything special to the film. However, they create an aura as powerful as seen in their music videos. But the character’s writing is so weak that after making an impact in the beginning, they too become just a showpiece. The courtroom scene of the climax is ridiculous and not only does not use the character of Badshah properly, but also gives a starless actor like Rajesh Sharma to play a very stupid character.

The most ridiculous moments come when in this sequence, people standing in the audience gallery start arguing with the judge and even the judge respectfully agrees. Poor nagging, it would have been very sad if not used!

Another interesting thing to note in the film. Although its name is ‘Khandani Shafakhana’ but the word Urdu is ‘Shifakhana’. Shifakhana means hospital. In common parlance, it is widely used as Shafa, hence the inaccuracy of the title of the film may be acceptable to many people.

Interesting thing of Khandaani Shafakhana

But the interesting thing is that while new generation young actors like Sonakshi Sinha to Badshah speak it as a shafkhana in the film, senior and language-savvy artists like Annu Kapoor and Kulbhushan Kharbanda always use Khalis Urdu to use ‘Shifakhana’ Look at speaking. Salute them!


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