Raju Gari Gadhi 3 Review: Raju Gari Room 3 Movie Review .. The Laughing Ghost


Raju Gari Gadhi 3 Review: Raju Gari Room 3 Movie Review .. The Laughing Ghost:

  • Cast: Ashwin Babu, Avika Gor, Ali, Ajay Ghosh, Brahmaji, Urvashi etc ..
  • Music: Shabeer
  • Cinematography : Chhota K. Naidu
  • Rating: 2.5 / 5

Sequels are also in the Telugu Industry. Movies are hit or flop, but they are interested in making stories. Omkar is also the sequel to the king. Even if the first part hit, the second part flashed. King Samajanta’s role as Nagarjuna’s hero did not meet 2 expectations. Now he has got his younger brother Ashwin Babu as the hero and Avika Gor as the heroine. Omkar, then, the film received a meal or look at our Movie Review ..

Story Raju Gari Gadhi 3

hero Ashwin Babu, an auto driver. He is causing trouble to those in the colony. He is introduced to the heroine Dr. Maya (Avika Gore). When a ghost is chasing magic. Love her. During an event, Ashwin Babu meets heroine Maya. She then expresses her love for him. When the devil chasing the illusion, the devil Ashwin Babu’s room is 3 story.

Omkar’s younger brother Ashwin Babu became the hero of the movie with Raju Gadhi chamber. In the film, Omkar attempts to establish his younger brother Omkar as a mass hero. Also, Ashwin Babu is well within his range. After many days, Avika Gore played the female lead in the film. Avika Gore has no major acting chances except for one climax scene. Ali and Brahmaji comedy on the other hand are great. Ajay Ghosh and Urvashila’s performance in the second half of the film was a big hit.

In terms of technical

Omkar, who was promoted to director of Bigg Boss from Small Screen In the first part of the comedy comedy Omkar .. In the second part of the comedy not much cultivated. This is why he now believes horror comedy for the third part. In particular, the film is about choosing Kerala as the back ground. Especially here is a king who uses a demon to seduce a British officer who is abusing his daughter. It is the king who then binds it in a mahal. Omkar succeeded in leading the story, linking the present to the present. Doing comedy with demons is a bit excessive. But it came together in a comedy that was part of the story. Omkar intimidated by the horror comedy as a whole .. laughs sucks. Chhota K. Naidu Camera performance added to the film. The editor said his scissors worked just fine. Editing nicely as long as there are no unnecessary scenes. Shabir’s background score is good. All logic aside … King Gary’s room 3 should not be so demoralizing.

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