Ruler Movie Review: Balakrishna’s Ruler’s Movie Movie Overseas


Ruler Movie Review: Balakrishna’s Ruler’s Movie Movie Overseas: Nandamuri Balakrishna’s latest movie stars Ruler. Balayaaku’s 105th film as a hero. After the Jai Simhala, the film was directed by KS Ravikumar and was released today. The movie has already been released in overseas. Depending on the talk ..

The film is said to be a complete out and out mass oriented movie. In particular, Bee has been targeted by the Sea Center Audience. It is said that Balaya entertains fans in particular. Especially in the film, once again, Balaya is said to have made his acting debut.

In particular, the scenes in the flashback adipod are said to be the key to the film. Though it is a little bit of a story .. KS Ravikumar says that the film is made in his own style. Overall, Balaya’s last two films were a disappointment for NTR Biopic’s upcoming film Ruler. Overall, the film is aimed at the audience of Bee, Sea and Center Audience Balaya fans, and its future depends on how well the rest of the film impresses.

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