Super 30 Movie Review: Hrithik roshan film super 30 review


Super 30 Movie Review: Hrithik roshan film super 30 review

Movie Name: Super 30

Super 30 Movie Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Pankaj Tripathi, Mrinal Thakur

Director: Vikas Bahal

Super 30 Movie Review: Hrithik roshan film super 30 review:

Vikas Bahal from Kangana Ranaut’s movie Queen was able to collect tremendous headlines. Developing a progressive, feminist, and entertainment film between the domination of the male-dominated society of the country, the development made the public good. This extraordinary film not only gave development Bahal a name in the industry but also played a key role in establishing Kangna.

What’s Now

Now Vikas Bahal has brought Anand Kumar’s magical story on the screen with Hrithik Roshan. Although Vikas Bahal has failed to repeat the magic of Queen through super 30 While there was an excellent opportunity to repeat the magic of Queen like in Anand Kumar’s tremendous story.

Super 30 starts with a flashback

One of the best students, Anand Kumar, is in Admission Crabinj University, but due to poor financial condition, he does not get admission. Anand’s father dies and he has to sell his papad made by his mother and have to move home.

Although Anand’s luck changes when he meets Lallan Singh. Lallan Singh’s character Aditya Shrivastav has played. Lallan runs a coaching center for children preparing for IIT and joins Anand as a teacher. However, when Anand realizes that many children like him are sacrificing their dreams due to financial constraints, he opens his free coaching center, leaving his confidential life.

Hrithik Roshan has tried to get Anand Kumar, but in his brown makeup shades, he does not seem to be effective in many scenes. While much attention was taken of his skin, the eyes of the actor were not noticed. In the film, Hrithik’s natural green eyes do not let him realize that he is not Hrithik but Anand Kumar. Rishik’s Bihari Accent is interesting to hear and he is very successful in playing this role. Hrithik’s work is fine. His hard work is also seen for the roll.

While Pankaj Tripathi is seen as a education minister in the film, whose coaching business is going on well, Mrinal did not have anything special to do in some screen space. But with Hrithik, they seem to be effective in Sense. Aditya Shrivastav, who has appeared in Anurag Kashyap’s many films, again shocks with his performance.

This 2 hour 42 minute film seems a bit longer. In the film, Hrithik’s part of the love story with Mrinal has no relevance in this story. Some parts of Super 30 look more dramatic. For example, a child who remains a part of Anand’s super 30, does not only give a fantastic musical performance after a few hours of hard work, but even after not being part of the training of several months, IIT also passes the exam. is.

Super 30 under the leadership of Anand Kumar has done amazing in the country. However, under the leadership of Vikas Bahl, the movie goes missing somewhere in the show.


  • 96% people like super 30 movie according to google
  • give 4.5 Star out of 5 Star

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