The Sky Is Pink Movie Review: Priyanka Chopra & Farhan Akhtar Doing good in Film and story is also different from other bollywood films: Some films are of delicate mood, the style of watching them must be equally delicate. There is no action in it, nor dance songs. There are no very dramatic modes in the stories of these films… only a soft soul that needs to be seen with as much tenderness, sensitiveness.

  • Movie Name: The Sky is Pink
  • Cast: Priyanka Chopra & Farhan Akhtar
  • Director: Shonali Bose
  • Rating: 3.5/5

The Sky is Pink Story

The Sky is Pink is not a fictional story but a truly Chaudhary family living in Delhi has passed through this storm. This is the story of Niren and Aditi, whose son Ishaan and daughter Ayesha. They are fighting such a battle of life, which will make you feel even better. All these people tell the truth of a different struggle from life.

Mast Maula Mastikhor, the homely teenager teenager Ayesha Chaudhary has suffered from pulmonary fibrosis since childhood. They all know that her life is short, but the way she is living life, but not long but it is definitely very big! And finally the day comes when Ayesha decides to leave! And she goes away, after this, the family faces the incident in this way, this is the story of The Sky is Pink.


The way Shonali Bose has portrayed this real-life story on screen is truly praiseworthy. The film does not have any falls moment at any given moment. Every moment is true and connected to life. A different treatment makes the film special. Talking about acting, Priyanka Chopra was cast in the role of Aditi in such a way as if she is really Aditi Chaudhary. At the same time, Akhtar was seen doing justice in the role of Niren Chaudhary. Apart from this, Zaira Wasim appears perfectly in the character of Ayesha Chaudhary.

At the same time, Rohit Saraf, who became Ishaan, is also notable that he can see even better work in Bollywood in the coming time. Overall, The Sky Is Pink is a beautiful film. When you go to see it, do not bring the Bollywood masala film to mind, otherwise you will be disappointed. You can enjoy this film only when you start watching it just by becoming a witness and inadvertently become a part of the life of the Chaudhary family. Go with sensitivity and paint the sky pink.

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