Ujda Chaman Movie Review: Know how Sunny Singh’s Ujda Chaman before release, read full review


Ujda Chaman Movie Review: Know how Sunny Singh’s Ujda Chaman before release, read full review: These days the good thing is happening, the issue of films based on issues is going on in Hindi films and the good thing is that the audience is accepting these films as well. One such film Ujda Chaman has come in the audience, which is based on baldness.

Artists– Sunny Singh, Manvi Gagru, Saurabh Shukla, Karishma Sharma etc.
Director– Abhishek Pathak
Producer– Kumar Mangat Pathak, Abhishek Pathak.
Star – 2/5 Stars

What is the Story of Ujda Chaman?

This is the story of Chaman (Sunny Singh), a professor of Hindi in a college in Delhi. This boy from a traditional Punjabi family living in Rajouri has become married. Despite everything being good, the reason for the interruption in marriage is its baldness. Because of this, he remains the character of laughter around him.

In such a situation, he gets Apsara (Manvi Gagru) who is overweight. Householders want both to get married, but will it be possible? Will Chaman be free from his inferiority of baldness? The film Ujda Chaman is based on this. The subject of the film, director Abhishek Pathak, was quite serious and new, but the mistake made by Abhishek was that he started seeing this sensitive issue of body shaming through the prism of cinema and hence the effect that should have been read did not work at all.

Saurabh Shukla appears in a small role, but gets overwhelmed. Manvi Gagaru’s sensitive acting makes the film a bit watchable.

Overall, Ujda Chaman is a very simple film, which had to bear the brunt of haste, as the film Bala, based on an issue, will soon be in front of the audience. The haste to release the film before that proved fatal for it. Despite all the actors, the scenes that are made prove to be artificial. In the entire film, Sunny Singh could not give his full performance due to lack of directorial skills.

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