Alert: Indian embassy in UAE issues advisory warning against job fraudsters


Alert: Indian embassy in UAE issues advisory warning against job fraudsters: Indian Embassy located in UAE has advised people not to be caught in fake proposals of fake jobs in an Indian school located in Abu Dhabi.

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Indian Embassy in a message on Twitter on Thursday requested the Indians living in the United Arab Emirates, India and other countries, if such fraudster tried to contact them, they would immediately report it to the local authorities.

Gulf News

According to Gulf News, the Embassy in the latest message said, “We have been informed by Dunes International School that some fraudsters are giving fake advertisements to us by stating themselves as school representatives and employers.” The embassy has warned the people that they should not share their personal information with these fake people.

Last Week

It is notable that nine Indians were trapped in the last week by accepting a fake job offer in the United Arab Emirates. The people of Kerala had got job offers through WTSAP, and Shafiq, a broker, had cheated them for Rs. 70 thousand.

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