All Company Plans: The phase of cheap call rates ended, know which company made the plan expensive #Airtel, #Jio, #Vodafone

All Company Plans: The phase of cheap call rates ended, know which company made the plan expensive: Now the phase of cheap call rates and data is over. Vodafone-Idea, Airtel and Jio customers are going to face additional burden on their pockets. Vodafone-Idea and Airtel announced on Sunday to increase the rates of prepaid mobile services by 50 percent from December 3, the first increase in nearly 4 years, while Reliance Jio increased rates by 40 percent from December 6.

Telecom service providers had already announced an increase in rates in early December. Vodafone-Idea and Airtel issued separate statements on Sunday, giving information about the increased rates of their various plans, while Jio has not yet given the details.

Vodafone Idea has increased the rates of prepaid plan with only unlimited data and calling facility. Voda-Idea has also announced a charge of 6 paise per minute for calls made on other networks. Airtel has also changed the charges for plans with limited data and calling.

Reliance Jio said in a statement that it rests on its customer-first principles. The company has claimed that due to this, it will increase the fee up to 40 percent and will also provide more benefits up to 300 percent. Jio released the statement after the announcement of increased rates by Vodafone Idea and Airtel.

These three major private telecom service providers have increased the fees at a time when the telecom sector is facing financial crisis. Mobile companies’ organization COAI and two major industry boards CII and FICCI have written to the government to save the sector from drowning.

Vodafone-Idea increased this rate:

According to Vodafone Idea, it has increased the maximum plan by 41.2 percent annually. The rate of this plan has increased from Rs 1,699 to Rs 2,399. Similarly, the rate of 84 days validity plan has been increased by 31 percent from 458 rupees to 599 rupees with the offer of one and a half GB data daily. The company’s Rs 199 plan will now be Rs 249. The company has also announced a fee of 6 paise per minute for making outgoing calls on other networks.

Airtel has increased this price:

Airtel has increased the annual plan by 41.14 percent to Rs 2,398 instead of Rs 1,699. The company’s limited data annual plan will now be Rs 1,498 from December 3, instead of Rs 998. This is a 50.10 percent increase in the rate of this plan.

Airtel has increased the plan with unlimited data to Rs 698 and limited data from Rs 499 to Rs 398 with a validity of 82 days.

The company’s 82-day validity plan rate has become 33.48 percent costlier. Its rate has now been increased from Rs 448 to Rs 598. The validity of both these plans will now be 84 days instead of 82 days. The company has increased the rates of various plans with validity of 28 days from Rs 14 to Rs 79.

Supreme Court has ordered companies to repay AGR: Supreme Court has given right to the Centre’s point on Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) and ordered companies to pay old statutory dues to the government based on that which is about 1.47 lakhs. Makes crores.

The court on 24 October 2019 considered the government’s way of estimating telecom revenue as correct. Under this, license fees and spectrum usage charges are calculated. According to preliminary estimates under this order, Airtel, Vodafone Idea and other telecom operators may have to pay Rs 1.33 lakh crore to the government within three months.

Government has given this relief:

The government has given two years (2020-21 and 2021-2022) for payment of installments of spectrum while giving relief to the companies. It is believed that this will give them a relief of Rs 42,000 crore.

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