Anant Singh clarifies the conspiracy of the opponents that the village has not gone for 14 years


Anant Singh clarifies the conspiracy of the opponents that the village has not gone for 14 years: Mokama MLA Anant Singh has termed the recovery of AK 47 from his ancestral house as a conspiracy. He accused one MP and ASP of flooding that Singh is causing trouble and the ASP is troubling him.

AK-47 was shown from the police station, while he has not been to his village for 14 years. His opponent’s house is also in the neighborhood. How is it possible to place your weapon next to your opponent’s house. He said that he will take time to meet Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and go to meet. If justice is not found, then we will go to the court, eat poison.

Anant Singh said that the MPs are upset with how his wife fought the election against him? Now he is adopting all kinds of tactics to do harm, so that in 2020, such a situation happens that only the elections cannot be fought. He told that at the time of the raid, he also gave information to the SSP and Rural SP, and assured them to see. They alleged that our house is being vandalized.

Rural SP said investigation in presence of magistrate and caretaker

Rural SP Kantesh Mishra said that the checking was done in the presence of a magistrate and caretaker at the ancestral house of Mokama MLA Anant Singh, located in Nadawan village. During this time, AK-47 and cartridges were recovered from his house. Apart from this, some other suspicious goods have also been recovered.

Rural SP denied Anant Singh’s charge that his house was ransacked during raids. He said that his house is safe. Videography is also being done wherever the police is checking. He said that further action will be taken on the basis of the facts which will come out after the investigation of the goods found during the raid.

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