Dr. Jagannath Mishra: Reference point of politics made in Bihar, not left the path of secularism


Dr. Jagannath Mishra: Reference point of politics made in Bihar, not left the path of secularism: In Bihar, divided into caste-sect, he was chief minister three times. If the most prominent achievement of Jagannath Mishra is counted among the various achievements, then he will certainly be equally popular in every section of the society. He did not live, but was always remembered as a ‘reference point’ in Bihar politics.

They will continue to be remembered in the same way in the future. In his long political life, he never compromised on secularism. He was also called as ‘Maulana Jagannath Mishra’ due to some of his works for the development of Urdu.

Dr. Jagannnath Mishra Died in Delhi

It is known that Dr. Mishra died on Monday in Delhi. His body will be flown to Patna on Tuesday. His last rites will conclude with a State Honor on Wednesday.

Chief Minister becomes the third time after the Bhagalpur riots

In 1989, when a fierce riot broke out in Bhagalpur, the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi visited Bhagalpur on 26 October. After a few days, Dr. Jagannath Mishra was made the Chief Minister of Bihar. It was not only an award to remain steadfast in their path of secularism, but also an attempt by the Congress high command to instill confidence in every section of the society. This was his third and final time as Chief Minister to take over the reins of Bihar.

Urdu has been given the status of second government language in the state

Earlier in 1980 when Dr. When Mishra became the Chief Minister of the state for the second time, next year, he took a very important decision and gave Urdu the status of the second official language in the state. Soon after that he reinstated Urdu translators in government offices. The Urdu translators were restored for the first and last time in their tenure. Although, in his view, these decisions were for the development of Urdu, but they were directly related to Muslim society. Some Muslim leaders then gave him the title of ‘Maulana’.

‘Maulana Jagannath Mishra’ also got a name

Dr. In several books published in Mishra’s honor, these leaders called him ‘Maulana Jagannath Mishra’. Their sensitivity towards the underprivileged will also never be forgotten. He remembered poor and small workers living in remote villages by his name. His cabinet in Bihar was such that the Scheduled Castes had the highest representation so far. Bihar was not divided then and the jumbo size was the era of the cabinet.

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